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I need a new routine

I need a new routine

Like the title says, I could use a new routine. I want better girth. I do mostly things stretches & fowfers, but what else could I do for girth besides jelqing? I havent have erections like I did when I didnt know what PE was, but I have do have gains. I have gain almost or close to an inch since I started in April. I gained 3/4 of an inch it the 1st month. I do the newbie routine, but I havent seen any results for a long time. What do you guys think I should do to take it up a notch in my rountine? Thanks!

First of all, if your erections are not so good and you are not gaining from some months, you should take a decon break, I think.

Then, you could restart with stretching and jelquing, or maybe try hanging.

Originally Posted by Phyriel
You have do the newbie routine for how many time?

I don’t understand what you are trying to ask.

Phyriel is asking: how long are you doing the newbie routine?

I’ve been doing the newbie routine since April, but I usually do 5 mins rice sock warm up, 5 mins of stretching, 10-20 mins of jelqing, then 5 mins rice sock cool down, then I usually do fowfers whenever I feel like it with a warm up & cool down with each set of fowfers I do. I usually do fowfers once every other day for 30-60 mins. Then I PE on the weekends, because I live in a dorm & my roommate is here during the week. I try to do 80-95% erections for jelqs, but it’s sometimes hard to maintain erections for long periods of time. I try to do kegels all day long.

I hope this answered your question!

Do O bends for girth! I tried them today for the first time and they fatigue your tunica like crazy! Be very very careful when you do them though. Search for threads by a guy named mrorange and it will come up. Also what has really jumpstarted braindrain and my girth gains is dry jelqing throughout the day keeping your dick plump all day long. Then add a regular jelqing session. Look at his or my progress threads to get more details. Hope this helps! ;)

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My erections arent as hard as they use to be. I mean before I started PE I had 100% erections no problem, but now I don’t get a 100% erection unless I masturbate. I usually don’t PE thru the week. My roommate is here during the week & I don’t have enough time to do it then, so I usually do it on the weekends, but I don’t PE every weekend. I have alot of down time to recover & everything, but now I want to PE thru the week while he isnt here.

Spaghettidick, thanks for the advice. I already do dry jelqs, just because I like to do them. They are easy & I don’t have to worry about lube or anything. So do you think I should 2 sets of dry jelqs, like once in the morning & then once at night, or what? I love dry jelqs. I’ve noticed alot of girth added after I do them. The only problem is that I have reduced my head size I’ve been doing PE. I want to have a bigger head. I read about uli stretchs & watched the video on doing them, but I still don’t understand how to do them.

Another strange thing is when I’m turtling there is alot of skin that bunches up together. Since I added length I know that I am suppose to have more skin, but when it turtles the skin almost covers my entire head & everything. Do you know what I should do or is there anything I can do?

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