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I made it!

I made it!

Sorry, not my PE goals, just 20 posts and now I can start a thread!

I think this is the very best PE site around. The level of decency and honesty here is rare on the web.

I’m an Asian and for some reason, I grew up thinking we have the smallest units of all species. I guess that’s just a stereoptype?

I’ll give you a brief history for anyone interested:

Back in 1995 I started pumpiing pretty regularly. I remember that my NBPEL was not quite 6 inches. AFter all that pumping I did, I managed to get close to 7 NBPEL, but it never cemented. AFter I got married and started working full time, there was no time to pump, only on rare occasions. Finally by 1998 I stopped all together (my pump broke and I was too embarassed to order a new one, thinknign my wife would find out). I discovered jelqing in 1998 and tried to do it with manual stretching with various degrees of success. During that time, I think my NBPEL wavered between 5.75 to 6.5 depending on if I’d been doing a lot of PE. by 2000-2004 I kind of gave up, but was always curious to see if I could get back into it. So now and then I did some jelqing for a month straight along with stretching. Just this past February, while stretching, I felt a painless ligament pop and suddenly felt my unit get a bit longer. I noticed my erect lenght looked and felt noticebably longer too. My fatih was renewed.

So just a few weeks ago, I stumbled accross this site and, learning about the PM. I was so intrigued that I ordered one from Germany.

I’ve been posting my results recently because I think this is really going to work.

The PM has made my flaccid unit a lot fuller instead of shriveled up (may also be becaus I’ve stopped wearing briefs and snug fitting jeans?). In my first week I went from 6.25 BPELx 5 up to 6.85 BPELx5. Though the numbers don’t show it, the girth seems to look increased too, don’t know why. Today is the end of my 2nd week and I have no gains to report.

My LOT as of 2 weeks ago was 6:00-7:00. I checked today and it seems to be about 7:30-8:00

What does this mean? I know I asked this before, but given my LOT (if it’s even relevant to the PM) which way should I stretch it (meaning, which direction should I wear it?)

Thank you all,


Well I don’t think your LOT could change that quickly. It takes time. I would search more about the lot, and tugback, and try to re-test your LOT. If you have a low LOT (6-7), you should stretch up. Higher LOT, stretch downward to get more lig gains. Good Luck!

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