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Home made Bib hanger Q

Home made Bib hanger Q

Hi all, coming from the PEforum this is my first post here. I´ve been lurking for some time and I really like this place. Anyway, here´s my question - a rather stupid one I´m afraid…

What kind of material is recomended for the homemade Bib hanger (second post from top in this section of Thunder´s place)? Although I think I understand what a flexible PVC pipe is, I have trouble finding one of that diameter. What are these pipes made for (except making hangers from ;-)) in the first place? Is it the kind of pipes that are under the sink, those plumbing plastic things? Or are they more rubberlike, like a garden hose?

I´ve been looking for the right kind of material for days now, but with no success. The size of the hard plastic pipes is ok, but they are not very flexible. On the other hand, the more rubber type hoses are flexy enough, but are way too small/thin.

If someone could post the original use for the pipes they made the hangers from, it would make my day.

Take care


If you are in the US, any of the large home improvement stores will have it located in the plumbing section on large rolls. You simply cut off the amount you need. Home Depot is the best, but also Lowes, Payless, Ace, etc.

The material I found to be best is the clear plastic with nylon webbing imbedded in the plastic. It is about 1/4 inch thick. It needs to be about that thick. It is used for above ground plumbing on swimming pool systems. The thinner stuff does not work except as the inner piece on the modified Bib.


thanks for explaining this. I´m not in US so Home Depot is out of the question, but at least I know what to look for now.


Another helpful reply by bib

This guy should start his own hanging company

If he already has then I sound really stupid oh well

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