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I Keep on growing........................??????????


I Keep on growing........................??????????

I have not a clue what is happening to me, but today I was getting regular elbp measurements
at 9 5/8 inches, given the proper thrust and kegel forward. That is another 1/8 gain.

Then I felt a rush and I popped two 9 3/4 inchers. I could not reproduce that but it was
there with a bone press and sitting, leaning back a bit.

I don’t know what the morale of this story of Phat9 is for those of you who have followed me
as of late. In the midst of sorrow and tough times I have had the biggest gains in almost
3 years. I have a hard time believing it myself. I am rethinking everything now.

The only two things I have done differently is (1) go thru the worst emotional roller coaster
of depression from a breakup that I have ever had (am coming out fine now) and (2) I quit
taking Vitamin C.

Other than that, there is no reason for this. I have not hung now for two solid months from
an injury, though I horse squeeeze most every day. Horse squeezes are supposed to be
for girth, not length, though I do stretch the sus. ligs when I squeeze and I often have
sore ligs afterward. I also go anywhere from 2-3 hours straight, which ain’t easy.

Go figure.

I think Bib has a theory on this he has discussed with me on the phone. It involves
hanging doing the internal changing of the ligs and giving potential size gains, if not
actual size gains. But manual techniques like jelq and horse squeezes gets rid of plague
in veins and arteries and does other things to “accomodate” and “stretch” the potential
size gains from hanging. I have not worded this like I want to because it’s late and
I am tired.

There is definitely something to this theory of jelq and squeeze techniques allowing the
potential gains from hanging to be realized, a sort of internal plumbing thing.

Well, that’s all very interesting. I hope you can try a reword another time as I’d like to read more on this, but I think I understand where you’re attempting to go with it.

Go figure - it’s probably your penis’ sympathy for you. “See, you don’t need her! You have ME! Watch this!!” *sproing!*

On behalf of everyone at Thunders I would like to express my deepest sympathy concerning your huge & continually growing dick…. he he

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yeah. Tough luck, Man.

Can you clarify

“It involves hanging doing the internal changing of the ligs…”



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

tex3; buster

tex: I dunno how to word it. Hanging does the physical stretching of the ligs and
tunaeca. It is like stretching wire over a long period. You create micro tears and
you keep on creating them until new tissue grows in making a small increase in lig
length. Collagen is the key to this lig tissue breakdown. Vitamin C is a water soluable
vitamin that goes straight to where it’s needed, and according to Bib’s information
and sources, the first place it goes is to repair damage involving collagen. This action
is great for healing and the immune system, but can frustrate PE efforts, apparently,
maybe perhaps I dunno we’ll see possibly.

I forgot to mention my testosterone blood level last time I checked was over 700!
Yiikes, my hair is thinning rapidly and I’m ready to trade an inch or half for my hair
back. Had been using Rogaine which worked like a charm. I dunno if it was my
depression or emotional down or the testosterone or skipping Rogaine treatments
too much, or a combo. I wonder if that testosterone spike had any effecte synergistically
with the other factors. ???

Buster: Bib can do a better job than me but he is out of town for an indeterminate time
period with family. I cannot think of a good wire analogy except maybe wire with an
encasement around it, like rubber over wire cable. Hanging seems to stretch the wire
but you cannot see it much unless the outer casing expands to reveal it.

Hanging = stretching the wire Jelq/manual = expanding the outer casing. Bib is
convinced that plaque in blood vessels is released gradually, sometimes suddenly,
by the jelqing/squeezing exercises constantly pushing blood thru constricted spaces,
especially for us older guys.

BTW, I can “feel” the increased testosterone. I do not want to lose my hair. Tough



Have you discontinued all pumping activies?

And in your professional opinion, do you think that pumping has either a positive, or negative role in your recent growth cycle.

What I’m trying to say is did you stop pumping prior to your gains and could it be possible there is a correlation between the two?

This maybe a non issue however I was just wondering.

Hope all is well,


P9 The hair thing..

I’m 30, and hair is thinning on top :/ Dad has a full head of hair at 52. That’s definitely a pisser.

Regaine is OK. But I’m a realist- I know it won’t give me my hair back.

My wife said shave my head, so I did. She loves it. The funny thing is, other women seem to love it as well!! At work the ladies are flirting soooo much more! I had LESS confidence with my thinning hair- trying to style it to hide the receding parts. On a windy day having head in all kinds of funny positions in order to preserve the ‘full head of hair’ look.

I am Coming out of a long (18months) depression.

Veneflaxine (anti-depressant). Had a slight effect

God’s gift to man -(to make up for how f*#cked’ the world is) that is weed, was much more effective.

But the best thing I gotta say, has been PE!! I have’nt felt this good in years! My self esteem has rocketed! /me gives thundersplace peeps a group hug

I know you don’t have to listen to this, but this is my opinion. Shave your head, and grow your ‘head’ ;) (not that you need to man!!)

I thought I had been dealt a rough hand when I had a dad who had much more hair than me. But no. I have a wife who loves my smooth head, many admirers, and I have a dick that’s getting bigger. (not at this precise moment lol!)

Oh yea, plus my old man will be at least 2” longer than ma old man’s old man. Hmm hope my nonsense is not confusing you.



Hey guys!

I know this if off topic, but since you brought up hairloss I thought I might shed some light on that.

Maybe you should try propecia? It´s supposed to work really well, especially in conjunction with rogain.

Not sure how much you know about hormones but propecia (or rather the active ingredient finasteride) increases the T level but decreses DHT. DHT is the hormone associated with hairloss.

Here´s a link for you! And feel free to PM or mail me any questions on the subject.

Oh, this is by no means any comercial for a site or product. The link is to a free page with an informative forum, just like this one, it just deals with hairloss instead of penis-size. How about it, want to add another insecurity to your life? ;)

Phat, very interesting. So much to say here.

First, a question. Are you saying that horse squeezes and/or jelqing may possibly improve or hasten the effects of hanging?

Second, comment on hair stuff. I did Propecia for 1.5 years. Works very well - no side effects. Grew some hair back, but it’s more effective in stopping hair loss. It stops hair loss COLD. Highly successful in doing that, but hair regrowth is iffy. As my dermatologist said, if you want to go that route it would be a good way to keep your existing mane intact until something better comes out.

Third - the testosterone issue. I have been reading on the hGH stuff that we talked about some time ago. One thing that leaps out to me (but is pretty much lightly commented on) is that when we stimulate growth of hormones (such as hGH) in ourselves above normal levels (at whatever age) it causes an increase or decrease in other hormones. This is one of the issues that follows such hormonal stimulation via nutrition, and there is very, very little tracking of exactly what does what. So I wouldn’t be surprised if with your added hGH production you aren’t stimulating more testy. Your call, but contrary to what many people think we can’t have it all (not that you are thinking that). Something’s gonna give in the aging process..


Propecia and the other popular hair formulas have a high incidence side effect over time of erectile dysfunction and libido loss. The manufacturers don’t give sufficient warning about this. Takes a long time to recover function in some cases, too. What’s the point of a full head of hair if you can’t get it up or have no interest anyway when women want to run their fingers through your hair?

Phat; I think the jury might still be out on the vitamin C issue. My experience has been completely counter to the v-C/slow gains theory. But we’re all different physiologically.

Your gains are amazing. Whenever I think I might have maxxed out you make me think that can’t be so. You’ve been a great encouragement. And not just to me, I’m sure.



Buster and Avocet8


“First, a question. Are you saying that horse squeezes and/or jelqing may possibly
improve or hasten the effects of hanging?”

Yes I am, but manual techniques in general—jelq, ULI, HSs, etc.

RE: hair loss—for the past 2.5 years Rogaine turned my loss around, stopping fallout
and regrowing a LOT of hair not only on the back but also up front.

It stopped and that makes no sense.


Well, recalling some strings about our own doubts, I really wonder if what I see is what
I see is what is there. There are ways of measuring I never used before that seem to me
within reliable bounds that give me this, but non bone pressed cannot lie or be off.

I now think the 9 3/4 was an illusion or an extremely temporary thing, but I can pull the

I really don’t care much anymore and it ‘s all gravy. My sex drive is more than I can remember
in years, but there is no where to park it and I am all alone for now. That will change, but
as you can see my new concern is my hair loss, which I guess is the price I pay for doing
what I did in PE and bow flexing (testy) the way I did it. It happened so fast in my depressed
state that I just did not notice in time.

This degree of hair loss after so much Rogaine gains, I hope must be temporary. I am
researching and finding conditions that match what I experienced, and stress, surgery
(anasthesia), and depression can do this though I am not convinced that was what caused
this sudden onset of Clem Kaddidlehopper.

I am adding a hair loss shampoo (Nioxin) to the Rogaine thing recommended by
Renegade403, and I am dedicating myself to this. Since I am asking a beautiful
blonde/blue-eyed lady out next week, I hate for her to see any shine. She likes guys
“in shape” and l had a hat on when I walked up to this stranger and just flirted. I can
manage with great effort to sort of cover this thinning shit up but I am at absolute
ground zero breakeven point. Any more and I will look ridiculous.

I think I can get some hair back, hopefully when the stress level has been adjusted to
by my body. That will be a long 2-6 month wait.

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Personally, I think you’ve gotten to the stage where the only measurement that really matters is NBP.

What size did you start out with??? You are huge! 9 5/8”, 9/3/4”, 12” what does it matter? I think anyone would agree that you need not be concerned about size at all. Must be fun to have one that big. I’ll be more than happy to reach 8!!!


I have discussed my size thing a hundred times, but for the 101th time (hehe) I started out
about 8 by 6ish. I was maybe seven at the pubic base. I had lost maybe a half inch or
more from my youth from bad marriages and other personal reasons, which aggravate
the normal physiological shrinkage of the organ as one ages.

So, I was always huge, though I grew up not knowing I was horse hung. Even after my
size queen first wife informed me that I was, it was not until the internet that I realized
just HOW SO it was with me. Whatever……

Thus, I have not gained much considering my over 1,500 hours of hard and intense work over a
2 3/4 year period. But, I”ll take 9+ NBP any day now.

I’d be lying if I said it did not mean a LOT to me. It makes all the difference in the world
how I relate to women, a sort of “dance of seduction.” Nice. I can do it so easily and this
is a big reason why , because women get hypnotized and curious to know what it is like.

Hey, many GenXers foolishly and stupidly believe “the myth” and to them I am sort of
like a whiteboy running back in the NFL or a “good” white player in the NBA. It creates
mystery and a desire to possess.

Once women find out, I have discovered some but not all look at you differently. It happened
just last night in fact with a policeman’s wife, when a set of bizarre circumstances at a party
enabled her to deduce the fact. She totally looked at me differently and I realized I was
inadvertantly seducing someone who I could have no interest in and was not interested
in for many reasons other than she was married. She looked at me differently, secretly
and longingly the rest of the night, and no doubt went home thinking about it.

Most important, of course is to believe in yourself, and being horse hung does not work
long if you do not. Read that sentence again folks. And the world’s greatest lovers,
Cassanova, JFK, Rudolf Valentino, Rasputin, etc, were average or below [note my omission
of rapist Bill Clinton who does not deserve to be on any list of notables IMHO].

When I walk up to a lady, I have to keep my cockiness down, but my eyes are free to
sparkle and look them right in the eye with dead serious confidence that I can BACK
UP my radiating aura. [hell, even if I am exaggerating, it sounds good, hehe]

It is reassurance, I must admit and I just have a seductive way about me, yes DW you’ll
be glad to hear I do again, that can at times have women really wondering, and desiring
whether or not I am showing.

Last edited by phat9 : 08-06-2002 at .

I think a lot of us sufffer from porn induced inferiority complex. At 7” I guess statistically I am “big” or bigger than the majority of men. However, after seeing an adult movie I look down and it sure don’t look very big. But at your size you probably look at the movie and wonder why they have those small weiners on the screen. I can image with your size that it would give you a very secure sense of confidence around women. They may say that size does not matter, but I think when given a choice, the larger package will get the catch.

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