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I Keep on growing........................??????????


Hey since your 1 of the only guys I know of with the 7 in. girth, I have to ask you this Do you feel you will still be able to recieve blow jobs!??


Buster, is their really that big a difference between BP and NBP?
Serious question, I am a hard body, they are close to the same thing on me. But guys are always talking about the difference. I guess I am doing something in between when I measure. I don’t actually push the ruler into my body. I have aroung 7% body fat, and just measure from the tip to where it hits my body.

Phat9, I am on a condom data kick. What condoms, if any, can comfortably fit your girth?

6to8, I am just over 7 and don’t feel big. But yes, stastically we are both already waaaay above the norm.

My best friend (the size Queen) doesn’t believe any of the studies. In her experience anything under 8 is “small”. Damn good thing I have zero self esteem issues, that could really f*ck up a guys head, lol.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Hey, I you don’t mnd I can anwer your question in a straightforward way.

You are right, you should not have much difference since you are a hardbody.

The more body fat you have the bigger and thicker your pubic “fat pad” is, thus the
more slack the ruler must push in to reach the pubic bone. The less fact, the less
skin in the pad area is for the ruler to push on.

I am like you. When I was a fat slob, my bp was an inch or MORE than nbp. Now,
I have muscled up and lost the fat and there is little difference between bp and npb.

Some guys on this board will have upwards of 1 1/2 inch difference.

That is why the bp measurement is more accurate, because it does not vary.

6to8 and jelq4life

6to8: You know, I never was going to say this, but you are right. I look at porno and they
look average to me. Most are to varying degrees smaller than me and it is something I
noticed slowly at first. Even before PE I kept wondering (stupid me) where all the “big”
men were in porn. They just didn’t look big to me unless it was one of a handfull of
guys like Remington Steele, and I have to look from angles to verify it then.

It is a strange feeling because most guys think they are sooooo big.

jelq4life: In another life, my GF (breakup) could take me both places with room to spare.

I am sevenish only toward the base, but I taper down to 6 3/4 at midshaft and a bit more
on the tip, so that is doable. My first size queen wife had trouble but she was selfish nd
had a small mouth.

I just don’t see this as that big until I see movies. You get used to the same ole same ole
every day and only when a real life comparison is made do you realize it all over again (see my
“urinal” post on the main member forum, a Hubbard string).


I don’t know what the deal is with me my bp is 7 and my nbp is 5 7/8’s! and I’m 5’8 145 It’s starting to piss me off now!

It seems that when ever I gain my bp just gets deeper and deeper and the bp changes by about an 8th!!

1-2 months ago I was 5.75 npb and 6.75 bp

Now I got the 5 7/8’s with the 7 in. deep bp JUST KEEPS GETTING DEEPER! WHATS THE DEAL!!?? Oh yeah I started at 5 5/8’s nbp and I have gained close to an in. bp although I don’t know what my bp was before pe but after to months of newbie jelqing it was 6 1/4th. Any Idea’s am I just a FREAK? LOL!



at least your bp is changing, that is better than most of my experience

plus you have a happy life, revel in it

you are WAY ahead of me


I wouldn’t call my life to Happy but we all have are problems!

Do you have any Ideas of why my bp gets deeper Instead of being pulled out of the body so to speak?



I don’t know.

Check your weight….

Quit worrying over nothing…..

Your length is what it says, so

fuck it……

revel in your bp gains…..

life is good….

You are in “transition”

and you are far ahead of where I ever was.


Congrads on the gains, those modified horse squeezes rock!


Hey Jelq4life

I am a similar size to you 5’8, 150lbs, 5.75 nbp and close to 6.75 bp, i dont really understand it either but the way i see it the npb is bound to catch up sooner or later.



I don’t think It will catch up It may just keep getting futher apart!

I would like to see what happens with you when ever you hit 7 bp. are you keeping your progress here??


To Phat9,

I have been reading your posts since I joined the forum 4 months ago. You have echoed a lot of sadness. Those of us who have had similar experiences can appreciate what you went through. However, I must say that I see a lot more in your posts than sadness. I see intelligence, a willingness to help others and a sincere sense of humility. I think that in reality, you have a lot going for you. You also have a huge schlong. I have no doubt that you will find a partner who will stay by your side and share your life. Just put yourself out there and I promise you that it will happen!

Wishing you the best


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I wiil keep u posted

I am gonna measure at the end of the month and will keep “you” NOT “u” posted.


Jack what tha hell is that all about?


Hey i guess its because i used the short version of you

I guess its because i did not spell you correct, seems a little harsh, i guess i’ll use spell check next time.



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