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I Keep on growing........................??????????


So you don’t want to keep anyone posted on your gains is that it?

Whats up with that?


You missunderstood me

You must have misunderstood me, what i wrote was i will measure at the end of the month and keep you posted as i have only just started doing pe, the moderator added the red bit as i spelt the word you wrong writing it in short form, sorry for the confusion,



Hey Phat my friend, what was the final outcome on the gains and did that stuff help with your hair?


I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Hey Phat, you mentioned earlier:

“Hanging = stretching the wire Jelq/manual = expanding the outer casing. Bib is convinced that plaque in blood vessels is released gradually, sometimes suddenly, by the jelqing/squeezing exercises constantly pushing blood thru constricted spaces, especially for us older guys.”

Does he mean in plaque just in the penis or in the entire body that is experiencing gradual reduction? If so the ladder, then jelquing could be an alternative to angioplasty. I just thought this was interesting. I have the utmost respect for Bib and would love to hear him elaborate on this. Imagine old men doing pe to get bigger, to cure ed, and to help avoid any cardiovascular problems. Must tell Grandpa!




>Does he mean in plaque just in the penis or in the entire body that is experiencing gradual reduction? If so the ladder, then jelquing could be an alternative to angioplasty. I just thought this was interesting.<

No, just in the amount of penis that you can reach. Should be almost to the anus. I think of jelqing as penile angioplasty.


man, this string is still going???

What on earth is this thread back up for, LOL?

I thought I died last year (hehehe)?

koknballz: I think ole Bib answered OK

Dino: Final outcome??? Welll, if I measure like a lot of guys do, I am easily ten by seven. But,
on a regular day, I am about 9 1/4 x 7ish NBP. That was over my goal. That is in the middle
on the very top, no pressing. IF I move just a hair to the right, I go up to 9 3/4 BPL with not
too much pressing. If I measure like DLD, I am 11 inches. Of course, we all know that is
ridiculous, and to be honest, I could pull 12 if I pushed in hard like he does.

So, what are my results? Not quite as big as Bib lengthwise but I am around 8 thick at the
base, and it looks awesome.

I dunno, I don’t do much PE anymore, but rather, concentrate on finding someone to use it
on “who deserves it”—-I don’t just give it away. I do mostly just Horses and occasional hanging.
My girth can be really good sometimes.

It turns out that my huge hair loss seems to be “seasonal”, starting in May and June and continuing thru the summer. It happened again this summer, 2003. I still used the rogaine daily. NOw it still falls out but not like the summer. I do not have a clue.

I would look bad bald…………….down Anna.

Jelktoid, to be honest, I’d trade some size for the loves I have lost…. especially the very last one…………….I cannot find the relationship I want and everytime I do, factors having little to do with me end it…… is the most frustrating thing of my life. So, relationships have replaced PE as my passion.

I am dating up a storm though but I am now broke from doing it, LOL LOL. Out of the last 9, only one was what I was after. It is over, I think, not even sure.

Jelktoid: Most men WOULD be sad in my shoes, but I refuse to give in and feel sorry for myself because I am such a fine guy. Heck, I’d date me.

Jelk, Feel free to email to hear about my latest heartbreaker.

I also have some private joys, like today ending up on a national internet “rate your professor”
site, and man alive holy cow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what two of them said about me, and it had nothing
to do with teaching……………….and they wrote it TODAY, 9-15-03! That means that I was
in class with these “anonymous” lookers, and they sent the rating in today. They do look and one said: “… [ I was]…. “eye candy, ….seeing him is reason enough to go to class, yummy yummy.” Quote unquote. That did wonders for my ego.

Now Jelktoid, the morale of this latest twist puzzles me. I seem to turn on the 21 year olds,
but cannot find a lasting relationship with one close to my age (or up to 12 younger).

Go figure, but I am far from sad. I cannot allow myself to sink again. I do have the ugly
misfortune of having my heart broken more often and more severely than most men. I sometimes wonder if it is a badge of honor.

Re: 6to8

Originally posted by phat9

And the world's greatest lovers,

Cassanova, JFK, Rudolf Valentino, Rasputin, etc, were average or below….

phat9, a very interesting post….but one misprint that I want to correct - about Rasputin.

He was NOT “average or below” - he was much larger than you in fact. After he was murdered by the Soviets (which in itself was a helluva task), his legendary penis somehow ended up in a decorative ivory case. Some dispute arose about the authenticity of the organ - so his daughter was shown the artifact in Paris, in the 1920’s. She confirmed that it was his penis (ew, that’s disturbing). However, the story went on to say that his organ “by that time had shriveled to about 12 inches.” Rasputin was so hung, he was legendary. It was said he could mesmerize a woman with his eyes - or with his size.

BTW, Napoleon’s penis was also preserved - and supposedly looks like a shriveled peanut.



I won’t argue with you. I used to believe that “myth” too, and it was a theme in the

But, even I too was disappointed when I read the documented facts in several biographies
of Rasputin. I cannot remember one of the book’s authors, but it was at BAM.

It was a long book with one whole chapter devoted to the myth surrounding Rasputin’s member. In the organ chapter, the origins of the “myth” surrouding Rasputin’s size are explored and the myth debugged.

It turns out he was very average but had seduction powers far beyond other men, and it
seemed he could literally hypnotize women by looking into their eyes.

Yes, he was desirable and seductive, but hung,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NO………it is a growing

Sorry to bust this bubble, and I too used to believe it before I began reading the facts.

I almost hate that the myth is false.


But Rasputin is still the man for taking all that lead.


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