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I had the surgey years ago, how will this affect my gains?


I had the surgey years ago, how will this affect my gains?

Back in 1996 I went and had the phalloplasty surgery. I went for both length and girth, and the results we unsatisfactory. The biggest problem was that the surgeon did not stress the point of post surgery weight hanging. So to sum it all up, I gained no erect length and my penis was left lumpy by the fat injection. I went back to the doctor 8 months later and had him remove the fat, so now my penis looks normal again. The weirdest thing about the whole experience was that about 1 1/2 years later, my penis grew about an inch. I do not believe that this was from the surgery but rather just natural growth. I was around 20 at the time.

Now that I am going to start hanging, how will this surgery affect my results. I am hoping that it will be easier to gain length since I had some of the tendons cut. Anyone have any knowledge they could lend to this topic?

Shouldn't be a problem Orion.

Certainly won’t hurt your PE results and if anything it may help at least with length gains at first, but it depends a lot on what methods your doctor used. Most of these surgeries involve moving the attach point of one lig to allow the penis to protrude out further. If this was the procedure you had completed then I believe you will not see any problems. Good luck and please start slow and easy and gradually work up to the more intense PE moves. Listen to your body ALWAYS and error on the side of good sense and reasonable results with penis health being your top priority. If your penis is healthy it will grow!

Like Mr. Demmind wrote, and then some. Surgery or not, we are pulling, twisting, pumping, constricting, etc our willies. This is potentially a very dangerous activitie. You are NOT the only guy here that has had the surgery. Hopefully some of them will reply to this thread or pm you. For now, stick with basic stretching and jelquing. Don’t mess with hanging or the advanced stretches, horses,etc.

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I dont think since it’s been so long since youve had the surgery that you’d have any more or less difficulty with potential gains than a guy who has not had the surgery. Whatever was done then has surely healed by now. It will probably be just like starting from scratch. Do your homework….develop a routine you like, get regular feedback from others here with experience, and stick with it. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied even if it takes you several months to get your first results. Then again who can say what might happen? We’re all different. Maybe you have an unforseen advantage?

I actually used to pe consistently and gained a little over 1/2 inch in length in three months. The reason I stopped was because of some discoloration I began to get. The nice thing is that I kept almost all of my gains in erect length but I seemed to have lost some of the flaccid length.

How can you have an operation like that at such an early age?

I’m not saying that you didn’t finish growing, but there’s always a remote possibility that you could have grown a little in your early 20s.

I was thinking that surgery was designed for people in their mid..late 20s.

Whatever. I’m sorry the operation didn’t work out for you…. :( surgery


i too had “the surgery” also in 1996, also for length and girth, and also went back to have fat removed!! ( you are a carbon copy of me…except, I had to go back 3 more times to get back to normal…..who was your doctor? mine was Dr. Sheldon Burman fron Chicago. He was the worst! I call him “Burman the Butcher” me and several others sued the scumbag. anyway, your future length will be determined by how much scar tissue you have above the pubic bone. (I had a lot due to several recontructions) so i had to get several cortisone shots to soften up the scar tissue. so far so good…it has been a long,long road but i am making small gains.

just keep on stretching and you will be fine…..and to everyone out their….if you are considering the surgery….stay far away from Dr. Burman. he’s no damn good.


I am sorry that you had such a bad experience, Antonio. I went with Dr. Guinta out of Virginia. He didn’t really butcher my penis, but he did not emphasize the importance of post surgery traction. I think that I would have gained some length if I had been hanging. As far as the fat removal went, he was able to remove most of it (I still have a little bit left but you can’t really notice unless I pointed it out) the first time.

I don’t think that I have much scar tissue. In fact, I can just barely feel the scar where the incision was made. Since you began hanging, Antonio, how much progress have you made?

As far as being to young for the surgery, I would have to agree with you j384. As I am sure that Antonio can attest to, I wish I never went through with the surgery. It cost a ton of money, not to mention the emotional hell I went through. I was worried I would have a weird looking, lumpy penis for the rest of my life. I didn’t even have sex the whole time because I was so ashamed.

surgery regrets....

I most definately regret having the surgery. I was suckered in by a glossy 8 page article in Muscle & Fitness magazine 8 years ago. It promised to change my life and boy did it…for the worst.
as a veteran of “reconstruction” do yourself a favor and stick to PE. But, if you feel like having “it” done anyway, make sure you get a good, caring doctor. (and by all means stay away from Dr. Sheldon Berman from Chicago. He will take your $$$, cut you up, and leave you deformed.

good luck all,


att: Orion....


I am having success with a device called Trak-man. It’s sort of like hanging but it uses vacuum to hold the stretch. I like it the best, but everyone has different likes and dislikes on the subject of devices.

good day,


I appreciate the feedback Antonio! Is your penis normal looking again or is it still disfigured? How much have you gained using the Trak-man?

I think both you guys should go by feel rather than trying to imitate other people routines or methods. You are in a different position, maybe better, but I would keep that in mind and be careful. Just my 2 cents.


att: Orion/Chi

…….it has been a long road, but I look normal now. My only problem is that when flaccid I look too thick. (I still have some fat left in the shaft which gives me great girth… my goal is to add length….which I am doing….an inch so far! and the more I pull, the better I am looking in the flaccid state. This is a process and takes a lot of time and commitment.

as far as my routine goes, it’s very basic: I use the Trac-Man every morning. 3- 15 minute sessions with 5 minutes rest in between sets. some weeks I will do it with 1 rest day in between. at night, I just pull manually, or if I don’t want to use my hands, I do the ole’ Fowfer stretch. (pulling shaft down toward anus then locking shaft down by squeezing thighs together. (about 1/2 hour)

….like one of the guys said recently on this board: you must have a positive attitude….take no prisoners!!! this is doable, you just have to be consistent…but most success in anything comes from being consistent………….


When they inject the fat, is your erect dick still rock hard? Is the fat inside of the penis tissue, or do you have a “hard core” surrounded by a layer of fat? I’m not considering this surgery, I just had to ask you guys.

BTW, I have head other people say they were able to gain regularly after having the length surgery several years prior.

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When I had the fat injection, my body absorbed so much of it right away that I was left with fat lumps. So if a girl was to put her had around it, it would feel all lumpy.

There is still a little bit of fat in my penis that they could not get out, but I would have to point it out to someone for them to notice.

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