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Hypospadias & PE

Hypospadias & PE

I’m new to this board & have been doing PE for a little over a month & have gained 1/2 in BPEL making my penis 7 1/2. The best part of this is that my erections are rock hard again maybe surpassing my teenage years some 40 years ago. I was born with a condition called Hypospadias which caused the meatus or opening of the urethra to be on the underside of the shaft mine being on the upper third. I’m curious to know if there are any other members with this condition. It has not stopped from enjoying my penis In any way. I just got finished with a fantastic love making session with my wife. She sucked me like never before & loved my super erect penis inside her. I’ve been doing PE as a teenager & young man with out ever knowing what a kegel was called but I enjoyed doing it. I guess that’s what gave me a 7 inch penis to start with. I have to go now but will post my routine later. I don’t think I’ll have a problem with attaining 8 inches. If I get there fine but I I love the improvement in the quality of my erections as well as vascular appearance of my penis since doing PE. Good luck to all. Look forward to your replies.


Hypo8, It sounds like PE has already treated you very well! Congratulations on all the cool benefits. In what capacity did you do Kegels when you were younger. Was this the only PE or unknowing-PE you did? Curious…Welcome to the forum

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DLD - besides kegels I would put pressure on my erect rigid penis with a towel or tie etc. that would really stretch my erection to the limit. I haven’t practiced this for many years but have added to my routine now. I have one move that I do that after a workout & I’m super hard I do what I call a fling where I take my thumb & bend my erection to one side & release & repeat the other side & then bend it down & release for about 20 reps or so. You might call it something else but it sure helps to increase erectile strength. I might mention that before I started PE I was having trouble with the strength of my erections. Now I’ve put that to bed among other things. I do believe that I hung a few times too. I just love to masturbate & have sex & both had suffered of late until I started to PE. I have to say that its not all about length & girth but rather the overall function of ones penis.

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