How to use your AutoEXT ADS as a hanger!!!!

How to use your AutoEXT ADS as a hanger, This Is my own experiment. First off make sure you are using your shortest rods for this. And I used only a 5lb weight. Will try hevier weight later. This will only take 5 mins to fix up!

Step one. Exchange current rods with shortest (unless your using the shortest rods

Step two. When attaching the rods, make the Butt Plate (the Circle plastic piece) vertical
to the rods. Screw in rods deeper than usual so that a ¼ inch is
Passing the retaining nut so that the “Butt Plate” stays Vertical .

Step three. Screw in locking hex screws, to secure the rods.

Step four. Flip adjusting Sleeve Screws so that they are reversed from original usage.

Step five. Attach Lobster silicon clamp to penis (with or without silicon rap) upside-down
so that the wider diameter Opening is upwards on either side of penis.
(Layman’s terms just put it on upside down).

Step six. Slide Lobster silicon clamp onto the adjusting sleeve screws.

Step seven. Attach weight to butt plate with rope (actually attach weight anyway you

Walla! you have a ready to use hanger using you AutoEXT ADS. To use AutoEXT as normal ADS just go through steps in reverse.

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