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How much gain is "typical"?


How much gain is "typical"?

Obviously everything is determined by how much effort you put into your program, but is there any kind of “typical” gain that a person might get with a “not to weak - not too extreme” kinda program?

I’m extremely unsatisified with myself and it really gets me down (a lot lately since I’ve been thinking about it). I’m probably 1.5-2” flacid (uncut - which really doesn’t make the flacid state look very nice), about 5.5” BPEL and about 4.5” girth.

I would love to have 8x6… but that just seems like it would be impossible (to go up by 2.5x1.5). I would tend to think that if I even got anything, I might get 6x5 if I was lucky.


Any words of encouragement?


You will never get anything if you don’t start.

Start with the Newbie program,take it SLOW,and Read everything you can

about PE.

Set your goal where ever you want them, then put in the work and you will reach them.

Good Luck


PS< I started at 5.5 bpel,now at 6.75 bpel in 6 mo.

After reading lots of thread here and studying the PE Data Page, I came to the conclusion that it seems reasonable to expect around 1 inch during the first year. (It may be down to 0.5 inch and perhaps up to 1.5 inch, but my expectations are around 1 inch)
Girth, I do not expect much of at all unless I specifically target it.


An inch in the first year seems reasonable if you go slowly enough. I just found some measurements from when I first started which I thought had been lost. I gained in a ratio of almost exactly 2:1 length:girth.

Typical is really hard.

Apart from the people who drop out for no particular reason, there are the people who drop out because they don’t gain and those who don’t post because they don’t gain.

It’s hard to quantify anything when you don’t know how much of the data is there because the results were positive.

Try to work yourself up to hanging and you will see results. The main thing to do is stay focused.

I must comment here to offer encouragement to you Jogglemind, you can and will gain if you start. There are stories in here or guys making huge gains, and guys making modest gains, and guys making small gains, but you know what,everyone has gained. Those that say they haven’t gained may not have read enough, or experimented enough or prayed enough, but 9 out of 10 guys get gains and you are most like one of those 9 guys.

I found out about PE’ing about 4 years ago. Don’t remember the site, only that you had to pay, and I attempted to start jelquing as that was the only thing that was being discussed. I had no encouragement, many of the techniques seemed experimental and I didn’t know if it actually worked.

So I did it for about what 3 weeks, and then decided it was too much work AND i didn’t have a place to go to get encouragement, I couldn’t exactly talk to friends or family, so I gave up.

Then I came to Thunders Place last year, and started up a routine, but I still didn’t have the right mindset. And I stopped after a month or so. But then I got determined, and I got the right mindset and I said you know what I want a bigger dick, and Thunders is a great place to get encouragement. So I just did it, and I have been doing it again for about 2 months and I have to say that I have gotten some pretty quick big gains.

You should probably start off with determining your LOT or Loss of Tugback, do a search on that or look in the newbie forum. Once you know you’re lot you can begin to really target the best course of action to take in growing a bigger penis most efficiently. If you don’t determine your LOT first you may start to do a routine that will not work, hence little to no gains, and you may become discouraged.

In my opinion no matter what your LOT is jelquing is the absolutely best way to get both length and girth gains, at least in the beginning. I also suggest as others have in this post you think about doing hanging and pumping.

It always depends on the time you have, and the privacy but if you can get either even in short supply its worth doing.

Thunders has every single item and question answered you will ever ever need. If you have thoroughly read 1/20th of the articles in here you will discover that you know all there is to know about PE.

So I don’t want to carry on too long in here, but Thunders Place is a great forum to get the encouragement you need, there are a lot of caring people that know what you are going through and will not judge you or think less of you, the best thing you can do is open up to us, tell us all your fears, and then see that many of your replys are so positive you may very well never need another support forum to belong to.

BPEL: 6.20" BPEG: 4.55" 9/1/2004

Currently 6.95" x 4.75" (5" at base)

Hi Joggled Mind,

I’ve been PEing for about three months now, in that time I’ve found it a lot easier to have erections and generally feel a lot healthier - Which is reason alone to PE.

As for typical gains, from what I’ve read, it really depends on the person. Expect fairly fast gains to begin with as you stretch your ligs then everything will slow down. It’s this slowing down period that separates the average gainers from the big gainers. Many people give up at this point, many loose faith when they plateau. I started a little shorter than you and fully expect to be PEing for the next few years until I get my eight. At the moment I’m aiming for 6”

August 2004: 5.0" EL NBP 4.9" EG August 2005 5.75 EL NBP 5.5" EG May 2006 6.25 EL NBP 6.25 EG

May 2008 6.25 EL BP 5.5 EG


I’m interested in your not-bone-pressed errected size. Because it’s the only size which really matters.
In which condition is your body currently? Do you think you got too much fat on you? If your non-bone and bone messure has a difference of an 1” + then you can additionaly set it free by loosing some fat. If you lose 10 kilos then you set almost an 1/2 ” free.

-What is getting you more down the flaccid or the errected lenght?

-Do you want to get some more for the girls or is it hard for you in showers?

If 2nd question is answered with yes
Then chill! You will gain first in flaccid status!

If 1st question is answered with yes
Then take your time! And recognize how ur dick grows slightly but for sure in the next 6 months!

Only consequent training is worth it’s time.

Something about me
I gained in 2 month 1/2 inch errected
And 3/4 inch when flaccid

I did only some wet jelqs in low erretion level with high frequency 2 in second.Ater 2 month I paused to regenerate my penis. I started again a few days ago.

I want to know why you also messure bone pressed? Just keep your body in shape. It’s more important to have a
Great body than 1 inch more ore not. The goal is a buddy which makes the pussies wet when looking at you.

Start ur training soldier!

I hope this could help you a bit,
At least I used my school english :D


Know how to write and I will change it for YOU. English is not the language I have been grown up.
If you find.. Oh sorry YOU more mistakes please fuck me up with them, so I can get a more perfect human.

Thank you in advance

Yours sincerely

And I thought you we’re somebody who insists on correct writing. Sorry

Originally Posted by Werner
Know how to write and I will change it for YOU. English is not the language I have been grown up.
If you find.. Oh sorry YOU more mistakes please fuck me up with them, so I can get a more perfect human.

Thank you in advance

Yours sincerely

Werner, kontrolliert Ihre Emotionen!

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