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How do you do high angle stretches?

How do you do high angle stretches?

For some reason, when I do high angle stretches, like straight up, I really struggle with getting a good grip.

If I have to go straight out, I just grip behind the head with an OK grip and palms down and pull out and it works fine.

But for me to go high, I have to either use the same grip as mentioned above and rotate my wrist to get the pulling angle to go straight up, or I have to make my grip so my palm faces my stomach, use the “OK” grip and try pulling up, but I feel sometimes it puts alot of pressue on my head and sometimes my grip will slip a little.

Doing manual stretches, how do you guys do it?

This response will probably strike you as a bit odd but I use rubber gloves when stretching and jelqing. When they’re dry you can grip you unit much better. When I jelq I use them too. They seem to glide much better.

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