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how cold is too cold

how cold is too cold

Inevitably with hanging there’s some cutting of the circulation and after awhile things get a bit cold and the prudent take a break, the foolish have their pricks fall off.
However, i’ve started ball hanging with the Ball Ringer Kit from and i’ve found that after about 20 minutes my nuts are a little cold (no real discolouration) and so take it off for a bit. I know this is a similar time as for (penis) hanging. What i really wanted to know, being ever paranoid, is; it would take a lot longer than 20 minutes before i started doing actual damage to my nuts, right? I still intend to take a break every 20 minutes and i’m fairly confident that’s ok, just wanted to shake the fear, seeing as the nuts are more prone to damage/infertility etc and, as the kit is pretty comfortable, i sometimes forget and leave it on for, say, half-an-hour/forty minutes.

Ease my mind please, anyone who knows about this

I would say that keep on the safe side but add a couple of minutes ever time you do it

Tom, if you are young enough to plan on kids in the future I would be real careful with those ball hanging rigs. I’m sorrry if I am not more help.

I think it was BIB who first pointed to 20 minutes of blood deprivation causing tissue death. Technically you will never be completely starving the tissue of blood and oxygen, however, I won’t be taking the chance and I would advise you not to either…

Like I say - you shouldn’t ever be completely starving your tissue of oxygen, but why risk it?

See Ya,


Cold is bad, but when you hang, it gets cold. I have noticed that after my first week or two of hanging, that the cold feeling took longer to come. So I sort of built up some tollerance.

I’m feeling the same, but I know some people wear the kit while they sleep. Is it safe?

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