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How can you tell fatigue?

How can you tell fatigue?

I am wondering because I am considering trying an EOD jelq program. I have seen posts by those who felt they didn’t recover enough doing jelqing days back-to-back. What do people feel is a good indicator if you are overdoing it. I almost feel like I could stretch everyday, but I know I shouldn’t.

Still, it is very hard to figure out what works best, be it 5on2off, EOD, E3D, 2on1off.

I have been fooling with PE for a bit and getting to know it, and it seems it would be best to Jelq EOD but keep stretching to something more intense(ie 6on1off or 5on1off)

An interesting dilemma. How about starting at what you consider a midpoint intensity. Say 2-and-1. Then, after about 6 weeks of diligent PE and strict schedule observance, you decide if you need to increase the intensity (say, 3-and-1) or decrease it (EOD).

Just a suggestion. What is a ‘midpoint’ intensity schedule is up to you.


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