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Hot Wrapping Vs. Ice Wrapping

Hot Wrapping Vs. Ice Wrapping

Okey, I don’t claim to be a bright guy.
So I’ll just take the chance to stupidify myself abit more. :D

Okey, first off. I want to say that i neither do hot wrapping before
or after any PE sets yet. I can’t because i live at home.

So I take about 5-10 min’s with hot water in the shower before I
begin my 10-15 mins routine, that combines reversed grip jelq’s
and double hand jelq’s and some stretche’s and what ever you can
imagine to do manually except for uli’s and alike.

But to the post then.
As I said, I’m no expert at nothing. But bare with me.
Hot wrapping before exercises make pretty much sense, making
the ligs and tunica softer and reducing risks and all.

But wouldn’t it be more profitable to Ice Wrap afterwards. To
solidate and cement gains? And wouldn’t hot wrap counteract
the solidation of the gains by making it easier for the ligs and
tunica to go back to normal state, wile ice wrapping would do the
opposite. Although If you would have done damage eg. busted veins
and large stuff, the would of course be cemented and heal slower too.

I even did this on my foot some month’s ago, when i had feet fungus.
It itched so much that I finally hated my foot so much i decided to
heat it up, then freeze it, then heat it up, then freeze it. This caused
the foot to swell up and hurt for some hour’s. But this was extreme heating
and cooling alot of repeated times too.

Please give me your comments on this, and if this prove to be a
most rewarding technique. Then let the creators name stand free
as “rymdrattan, the inventor of Ice wrap” hehe :D

//mvh räven

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Ice is way below body temperature and prolonged contact would do no good imo especially if your restricting blood flow also.

That’s a good question. I too hot wrap before, but after finishing my PE I tend to notice my dick shrinking a bit from the hot wrap. It’s not like I squeeze my dick from the wrap, but there’s a definite tightening up of the dick and I’m thinking that’s not what I want, since keeping it in an enlarged state afterwards is better?

So, anyone think that hot wrapping after PE is detrimental/pointless?

I believe in a hot wrap with a stretch, and then finishing off with a normal temperature so that the ligaments would be as much stretched in body temperature as when heated, and then they will stay prolonged, or at least it would take them longer to retract, maybe not retract as much. But I have no real scientific evidence behind this.

But I see no reason to apply anything cold to your penis after jelqing and alike. It would restrict blood flow. And the point with jelqing is mainly to force blood into the penis.

Actually cold does not decrease blood flow. As a matter of fact it increases blood flow better than heat does. When you first put ice on a part of your skin, you vessels do constrict, but when the ice is removed your vessels will, as a reflex to the hypothermia, vasodilate and bring a lot of nourishing blood to the area. This is why, after a marathon for example, those in the know will not take a hot bath afterwards but will rather fill a tub with cold water and add ice. While you’re in it, the cold helps to reduce inflammation, and when you’re out the rush of blood helps flush away toxins such as lactic acid buildup. As far as icing your penis, well I have no experience with that. But I’ve had many physical therapy sessions in my life and spoken to quite a few sports doctors, and this is what they’ve told me.

Read 2in2002’s posts. His routine always started with a hot wrap and ended in an ice wrap. Reading his stuff and TroyT8’s stuff is always illuminating.

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