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Horses-slightly revised

Horses-slightly revised

I just recently started doing horses, but wasn’t really getting the technique down. I think there might be a simpler way to attempt this exercise. I don’t think you have to make the tiny “o” shape and slowly slide it down the head while the blood gradually pushes out. This was quite hard for me to do and others may find it difficult too. Instead, while I am sure my base grip is quite strong, I use my index, middle finger, and thumb on my other hand to slowly squeeze my engorged head. Eventually, you will be squeexing the head hard, and all the blood will be pushed down. It is vital to NOT loosen up the base grip as this may be tempting. When I just did this today I got a great, fat look to my penis that I haven’t seen before. The idea is the same, to push the blood out of the head and into the shaft, but this seems like an easier way to do it. I’m not sure if others have tried this, but any replies would be appreciated.

>I’m not sure if others have tried this, but any replies would be appreciated.

A lot of people have tried it this way. A search will bring up some of the previous threads. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was in the original thread from Horse440 by now. If it isn’t it should be.

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Just remember, that if you only press the head, you will only target your CS (the lower chamber), so I recommend to keep going with ring finger and little finger and get some pressure on the shaft too.

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I have tried this variant of the Horses before. If you are doing the original version of Horses, just make sure to use enough lubricant, or reverse your OK grip to make the technique easier to do!

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How hard should you be squeezing at the base? Whenever I try these, I feel a decent amount of pain where I’m squeezing at the base.. I can’t imagine sqeezing the head much harder - even though I’m not getting any really big width expansion because it hurts more and more..



yeah these squeezes can be intense. You should take them lightly at first. I think you should always be sure to keep a firm grip at the base, and squeeze the head only a little at first and then slowly work your way up.

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