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slightly dissapointed with horses

slightly dissapointed with horses

I am just a little bit dissapointed with my lack of gains from horses lately. Not disgusted yet just a little confused, I thought I was well on my way to possibly gaining 1/2 - 3/4 inch initial gains from horses. I’m almost beginning to think it’s like fool’s gold, when I started I got a quick 1/4 inch, and thougt it would grow a little more for initial gains. In fact I upped the intensity a bit.

I’m beginning to think maybe I should go ahead and start back hanging again now for length. Because I don’t know if I have any more easy gains here in the girth dept. I’d say that 1/4 inch came in the first week, and I continued doing them for 2 more weeks and got no results. If I could just squeeze out one more eigth of an inch that would take me to 5.5 girth, and I just might be satisfied with girth for a while. Maybe my grip is not as great as it was, but I think it is, I don’t know?

Any opinions would be appreciated.

hmm, why do you sound surprised after the previous threads discussing initial fast gain followed by next to nothing?

I like horses they are a good girth momentum device but I think that once they’ve served that purpose there’s not much to be gained. I only use them occasionally now, just throwing them in at the end of a set for a few days.

All our gains are I think subject to a concreting process. Either by extending that bit further so the gains become the norm or using a supplementary exercise to solidify gains before moving on.

A lot of people would be very happy with 1/4” girth gain in double quick time.

Maybe its worth going back to hanging for a month and then trying another week or two of horses.

But hundreds would disagree, saying that length should be achieved before girth :p

I’d say don’t give up just yet. I think I got results from them in the first 2 months or so. After that I too found that they become much less effective compared to the initial amazing gains. You get really high expectations at first cause they really do wonders, then it slows down drastically.

But you got some initial gain the first week, now you see some slowing down for another 2 weeks, it’s not enough time to decide to give up.

My question is: in the seconds after you let go of the squeeze, even after the first one, do you feel pumped up and have more girth? If you do (and even if there no permanent gains at the moment) then I would think you should keep doing them for at least 2 months and wait till this pumped up temporary girth becomes cemented.

When you’re sure you’ve hit a plateau with them you can either go for another girth exercise (DLD horse-shoe squeeze seems interesting, though I still haven’t really figured it out yet), or stop for a while and then try them again after a month or so.

I sound surprised because I was under the assumption that that 1/4 inch was not my total initial gain, probably due to the fact that others initial gains seem to be more than a 1/4 inch.

To answer your question, no unfortunately I don’t feel pumped up and I don’t have temporary gains. You addressed this situation for me in another thread about a week ago. Referring to the fact that my shaft doesn’t seem to balloon up much like others have described.

thanks for your help guys

1/4” girth is brilliant. Think what volume that adds !


After you been at this stuff for a while gains for most get hard to get. It takes me 3-4 months to get a .25 gain and about 6 months for a .25 girth gain “Lately Longer”. Your not growing corn this is a body part that’s on an already fully grown person, it takes time.



So you’re saying that in the first week you got some pumped girth during the squeezes that has been cemented by the end of that week, and since then it doesn’t seem pumped anymore when you squeeze + no more gains?

Maybe it’s just that you’re pace was quicker than mine. I’m not too sure I’ve got more that 1/4” from them either, could be that it took me a couple of months to cement it while with you it was much quicker.

If you decide to give up on them try another girth exercise, have a look at that DLD squeeze I mentioned, or pan squeeze or anything else you can find, or if you really want girth you can try pumping (very effective for girth in my experience), whatever you do - keep us posted.

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