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Help Please!!!! Injury!?

Help Please!!!! Injury!?

ok so i had been jelqing before and had those little spots appear on my head, and that was fine they disapeared. but an hour ago, i was jelqing (maybe i was to hard) but all of a sudden i see this big black and purple bump on the side of my shaft!!! It appeared outa nowhere.

It doesnt hurt, it actually might feel a lil numb on that side. The black bump is still there and im flaccid now… Did I injure myself bad? anyone had this happen? what do i need to do?its about a little smaller than an index finger nail!

Sounds like you broke some small capillaries. That will heal, but lay off the PE until it does.

You guys. :) I swear. Some of you just gotta push the PE envelope, don’t you?



ok so as long as my units not gonna fall off im ok… lol

You sure thats what it is? I can answer any questions? dang, it looks real ugly, dark purple and its a lil bigger now. i think i feel a hard vein below it also.

Sorry to hear about your injury hollywood, I’m not much of an expert unfortunately, so I can’t really help, but rest assured Avocet certainly knows his stuff and I have never found him to be wrong about anything, especially anything of real importance.

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I’ve had that happen at least half a dozen times. All but one time it was from jelqing, and once from clamping. It will heal after a few days.


The ‘naughty guy’ is Jelqing :) You might have been too hard on him. So take a break, long enough the crimson spot fade awat. Warm up, warm up and warm up before and after jelqing! It’s really important to warm up, even it’s so boring to be heard about warming up :) , but it really works.

Good luck!



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

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Hey guys, its gone down alot. Thanks for all the advice and assurance, lol.

It’s gone down a lot! What! Already! Seriously, no kidding, honest to goodness? :faint:

Relax everyone, Holywood is back in business :spin2:

That’s another job done :gulp:

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Yeah the only thing is I was about to take these 2 girls back to my place after the bar last night (st patty’s day) then I remembered it still didnt look to appealing down there yet, lol

Ice it :-)

You could always say it got pinched in your zipper or something. ;)

But the main reason I’m here is to mention that later the same day I posted in this thread, I was hanging and got one of those dark spots right near the frenulum/circ scar area on my dick. I took the next two days off and it was gone.

Small spots indicate broken capillaries, you probably busted a vein!

Realize that you exceeded the pressures your vein was capable of withstanding…think about that one.

I did this once, scared the crap outta’ me!

My advice, warm up slower, that is, slowly build the pressure. Take vitamin C with bioflaviods, especially Quercitin, it really adds strength to the blood vessels, a make sure you fully heal before you use full pressure again.

I think after a few days, LIGHT pressure actually helps it to repair itself better. Just think in terms of just a little internal force to encourage the repair to be more effective.

Good luck.

Yeah and when you get back into your routine, use light pressure for a few days.

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