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Heavy stretching

Heavy stretching

I have been doing alot of heavy stretching, and no jelqing for the past two weeks. It seems my sensitivity is alot worse now then when I was doing both. Also my sex drive hasn’t been to good here lately due to stress wich could also be a factor. Last night me and the wife had a little wine to enhance the mood, and I also took a Viagra. My erection still was not that strong at times and the sensitvity was poor. Then this morning we went again and the same thing, poor sensitivity and weak erection at times. I really had to focus on a fantasy to keep it hard. I was wondering if any one has experianced a greater loss of sensitivity with heavy strecthing, than with other exercises. Oh! and I have reached my goal, but it is hard to break old habits.


Ok, well if you’ve reached your goals then at best you just need to do some mind stretching and jelqing from time to time, to be safe (as I understand things). But I’ll leave that for others to comment on.

Sounds like you need to give your pud a rest for awhile. The anxiety thing is hard to measure, but I think that is enough of an experience to give you a reason to break the old routine if you’ve reached your goal.

I have no clue if you’ve temporarily zapped your nerves with the stretching, but it just sounds like something that some solid downtime will cure.

well what was your goal and how big are you now


Started 5.5”x4.5”, now 6.5”x5.75.

I had lost some head, and shaft sensitivity through pe, but gained some in the foreskin area because of the increased foreskin length. Seems that I remember a thread one time talking about more of a loss of sensitivity by stretching, than by jelqing. I have been envolved in pe for almost a year now, but never performed stretching exercises buy themself. It also might be stress or mood related problem, just like getting your back scratched, sometimes it feels great and other times it don’t feel so good. I am giving it a rest for a while to see if the sensitivity gets better, and if not I will try some light jelqing to see if it gets the circulation going again.


quest 1

i also started at 5.5x4.5 very goods gains for under a year!

what did some of the women you were with think of the 5.5x4.5?


I was with my wife for 12+ years at that size and it was plenty big for her. But I know with my girth gains I can bring her to orgasm alot quicker now. Prior to that I have been with about 15 others with no complaints.


hey that sounds good to me maybe i shouldnt feel so bad about my current size.


It sounds like you guys are right in the same range as I am. I started at 5.5 and 4.5. After two months of PE I am now 6.6 and 5.7. However, since my goal is 7.5 nbp, I still have a ways to go. The length gains have slowed and I have gravitated towards more hanging and stretching with some jelqing intersperced. The jelqing was soley responsible for my girth gains and I think that I could gain even more girth if I continued jelqing. I also do a lot of PC exercises. The PC exercises actually counteract the stretching and hanging, but they aid greatly in getting good erections.


You may want to consider PC exercises to help with the lack of erection strength. I do sets of 50 “quick bursts”. I do about 20 sets a day spaced throughout the day. In case you didn’t know, this form of PC exercise involves contracting the PC muscle like you are cutting off the flow of urine - then it is done repeatedly in sets of 50. A side benefit that I noticed is a noticeable increase in the amount of ejaculate. My wife has commented several times that I have been “gushing” cum. I am really pleased about this since I had a vasectomy 10 years ago and this had reduced the volume of my ejaculations.

Best of luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


You are right. I used to exercise my pc all the time when I started pe, but kind of forgot about it along the way. I have started doing them again, thanks for the reminder. Also I think as far as my erection strength goes, alot of it is contributed to the fact that me and my wife are very active, sometimes we will go 3 times a week. It’s like I don’t get that horny feeling anymore, but I do wan’t to be intimate for the closeness. I have stopped the stretching, and started some light jelqing again, my unit is feeling better now due to the increased blood flow to it.


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