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Heat without PE


Heat without PE

I have a few questions.

I was giving myself a couple day rest from PE but I kept applying heat in the form of a hot water bottle. I found in the morning that the penis was much more plump and robust than the night before. Does anyone use heat in the deconditioning periods? Or on the days off? And what are your results from do that?

Also, I found myself turtling up after a few days of PE. Is that what happens when you over train?

I was also wondering about edging. I always find that I turtle up like crazy after orgasm…yes same old story. But now I find that after edging I get the same way. Does anyone else experience this?



Yeah man, I am interested in this whole “turtling” phenomena as well. I have noticed that I “turtle” less when I first started PE, but as time has gone on I think I do “turtle” like before PE a couple minutes after my PE session. As the day goes on and I do my stretches each time I go to the bathroom I notice the “turtling” kind of goes away. I am wondering:

1. What is the cause of turtling, over training or just PE in general?

2. For erect length gains, is it best to not let your penis turtle?

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1. Not completely sure, natural healing in many instances I presume. Also depends on conditions (hot/cold, underwear, positioning, etc)

2. Yes I would say so, making you penis heal in a more extended position seems to be what most members agree to be the best way to attain results over time, hence ADS and BTC stretches while sleeping.

I do turtle up after edging a little but I also try and keep my penis in an extended position for at least an hour after, or wear loose boxers if I have to go out.
I sit in front of an IR lamp on rest days when I can, or do very light stretching to keep my penis loose. Did try PEweights and other ADS for a while but they became quite uncomfortable and now I have been able to gain by jus doing extended and continuous stretching sessions while at home, never really giving my penis a break (obviously going a little lighter on rest days and after heavy workouts).

I think heat is very important overall, and that I could also gain with just an IR lamp and stretching

I think that the heat with just stretching is a good possibility. I was thinking that a lighter all around workout with lots and lots of heat may be the better solution and may make it so no deconditioning break is needed at all. Has anyone tried this? Am I dreaming?

Also, I find applying heat throughout the day here and there is really helpful, any one else?

You know, now that I think about it. I think you really got to stop the turtling (like one of the guys on here is fond of saying) and I think it is really a hormonal response to stimulation. Gotta get PE done without reaching that point? Not sure though.

I live in a fairly cold place. (REALLY cold this winter) I use my spa just for defrosting and survival, but I think it really helps healing and promoting a better flaccid hang. Obviously I use the spa more in the winter than summer and my dick seems to heal/respond to training better in the winter than the summer. More efficient stretching, too. I think you’re intuitively on to something. Keep using the heat.

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Thanks, I am starting to think that heat is about 50 % of the job. That maybe there is less damage done to the penis during the workout and there is more available stretch. Could it be that there are two different roads to growth. The first is the body reaching its top stretch and then the breaking down of tissue after the top stretch is overextended? Like a rubber band that stretches to a limit then after that the material is deformed and broken if we pull too hard. That kinda sounds like over training.

So there is the stretch and there is the over extension. The stretch is the newbie experience and the over extension is what guys do after the penis has reached its limit. But maybe that is just because the time was within only a few months and actually if we worked less and used more heat the stretch period would last longer as the body would try and compensate.

It just a thought

What do you guys think?

There’s some thought that heat contributes to cellular division. I’m thinking maybe master Avocet8 has some thoughts on that. Maybe do a search?

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And the First Commandment of PE is:

Thou Shalt Use Heat !

That was amended after the blowtorch incident (the one we don’t talk about).

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Originally Posted by memento

That was amended after the blowtorch incident (the one we don’t talk about).

I still adhere to the original, pre-blowtorch incident creed.

So the blowtorch wasn’t a good idea; but to let the lawyers at it and add 2 pages of small print to something as beautiful and pure as:

Thou Shalt Use Heat

is sad indeed. Just don’t use a blowtorch, cigarette lighter, toaster, microwave etc.. ;)

(I won’t disclose any further details!)

I use heat all the time, it just feels good. I use an extender which I apply heat constantly, especially during the time I have the extender off. Heat keeps the blood flowing in order to aid in healing.

Big Girtha talked about never let yourself turtle. Following his wisdom I stretch my unit and wrap. If I go out in the cold (shovel snow), I wrap. Go to the gym, I wrap (I turtle doing the cardio machine). The simple wrap has made a huge different for the positive.

After you finish edging, wrap.
After you finish masterbating, wrap.
Watching a scary movie, wrap.
Going out in the cold wrap.
wrap, etc.

This is one of the best threads I’ve read on heat. OK it’s to do with injury but gives general background:


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Ok, here is what I am thinking. The fibers in the penis are like a cylinder shaped woven basket. A grid of material. The girth would be like stacked hoops that run up the length of the cylinder. The other material also runs up the length as in lines from the base to the tip. You can move the hoops farther away from eachother and increase the space between them using PE and heat this increases length, but it is much harder to affect the material itself like in a basket. This could explain why it is easier to change the length as opposed to the girth. As the girth would change the circumference of the hoops rather than the distance between them. Could a new hoop then be formed in the space created?

Have I conjectured too far?


thanks for the wrapping and the links guys

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