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Hard vein....


Hard vein....

i noticed a vein at the bottom of my shaft which was pretty firm and tender after pe last night.

Yeah - i know what you’re thinking - same thing as me last night - thrombosis.
But today i cant even find where it was - no pain, no hard vein. So i think this rules out the thrombosed vein idea as i don’t think that would have cleared up within hours.

Any ideas? Has anybody experienced this?

could it just have been restricted bloodflow due to my hanger being too tight?

Any thoughts would be appreciated……

See Ya,



I get these now and then, and in different locations, after a particularly strenuous workout. I can usually massage them away; in any case they disappear within a few hrs at most and are never painful. I stopped worrying about them; if anybody knows why I should worry about them, please comment.



Well, I had what I thought was a thrombosed vein a couple months ago and it took about a month to go away. I’d say yours wasn’t a thrombosed vein, not sure what it is though. Good luck, don’t hurt yourself!

I have this very hard sensitive vein that runs about 1/4” below the rim of my head. It’s softer the day after PE, but it hardens during the session… It sometimes hurts….

Actually I had noticed this about 4 years ago, when I got over-amorous w/ my GF - I checked w/ the urologist, and I think he identified it as thromosified…. He said it would probably take a year to go away (he kind of chuckled cause he knew I was concerned but it’s very common). It DID take a year to go away, but just came back after PE started… But, it’s something I live w/ and really isn’t a problem….

Good luck, I’m sure it’ll be fine, of course may want to check w/ the urologist…


Thanks for the feedback guys....

I will continue and keep an eye on it - i think i may have exacerbated the problem with a specific girth exercise i was developing - i think i will abandon it and stick to ulis and horse440s.

Cheers again,

ps - i just realised i am now a Senior Member how did that happen? I feel a bizarre sense of pride. :) When i get to my goal of 8.25 X 6.5 can i be a Massive Member? ;)

See Ya,


OK i had another look....

The vein that i have is soft and unnoticeable when i’m flaccid but hard and slightly uncomfortable when i’m erect.

Does this sound like thrombosis or would that be noticeable flaccid too?

I am laying off jelqing and girth stuff until it goes away but i would still be interested if anyone with any medical knowledge has any input…..

See Ya,


Don’t think there are any doctors out here….

As we said, why don’t you go see a DOCTOR…

Sounds to me like you got a thrombosis. It probably doesn’t come near the surface and under your scrutiny till you are at least partially erect. I am not a urologist, but I am a doctor. I’d take 3 weeks off at least, hot wraps and ibuprofen, but I do think you should get it checked out by an MD in person because if there is no thrombosis perhaps you can resume sooner.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks luvdadus and everyone else...

i am currently taking ibuprofen and aspirin with l-arginine. I will continue to hang as i don’t use that much weight and it doesn’t seem to exacerbate the problem like jelqing or any of the girth exercises do.

ydb - i have an appointment with a urologist but in this country we have to rely on the NHS. Hence why my appointment is in 4 months time. Isn’t that just handy!

I am hoping that i will be back at it full on pretty soon.NB i work out (at the gym) a lot and have also injured myself on occasion so i know that trying to get back too soon is counterproductive. (my shoulder is just getting back to normal now after an injury last year when i stretched the ligs - damn if only it was so easy elsewhere!)

So i’m taking a gram of l-arg, 150 mg of aspirin and 4 nurofen(ibuprofen) a day

How does this sound?

See Ya,


The regimen of medication sounds fine, but I wouldn’t hang either for at least 3 weeks. If it were me I would do only kegels and 20 second piss pulls here and there and lots of warm compresses.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks luvdadus,

Its only now, and take heed all of you who give advice, that i realise that in all the other threads when someone asks something and the immediate response is - you’ve done that and you’re going to keep doing pe? you moron. Go see a doctor. Rest stop peing. now.
Well its not so easy when its you. I don’t want to stop. I’ve gotten good gains and i want more. Now.

Still - i’m not a complete moron like i say (debateable :) ) so i’ll lay off for a couple of weeks and we’ll see what happens.

If things aren’t significantly better within a week or so i will push for a uroligists appointment.

PS - for anyone interested here is how i injured myself (i think). Do not do this exercise:

I was doing this for girth.

1st got 100% erect, then tourniqued off bottom of shaft with one hand
Then kegeled 10 times opening and shutting tourniquet hand to let blood in but not back out (after this shaft is very full)
Then kept tourniqet hand tightened for a further 10 kegels - after this shaft and head are VERY engorged and almost painful due to internal pressure.

probably would be good for girth but i think the pressure build up is just too great. I won’t be doing these again.

I put this on so as to tell anyone else with the same idea - i don’t think these are safe.

warm compresses here i come.

See Ya,


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As you have described it, I do not think you need to see a urologist for this injury. If it heals on its own it should be fine. If it doesn’t improve with a week of rest, then seek professional help.

You will not be able to PE effectively while this injury persists however, and so I encourage you to be patient and rest a bit. Just think of all those that indicated some real gains came after long rest periods.

Just thought i'd keep you all informed...

My routine of absolutely no pe coupled with warm compresses and 150mg of aspirin a day and 200mg of ibuprofen 4 times a day seems to have cleared up my thrombosed vein!


Before anyone starts telling me to calm down - don’t worry i’m giving it another week just to cement the healing and i will then resume with light hanging and easy jelqing.

Just thought you might like to know and if anyone else has the same injury my advice is:

NO pe (ie no stretching, hanging, jelqing, girth stuff - kegels are ok)
NO masturbating or sex (a difficult one i know)
Massage the area occasionally.
Apply warm compress am and pm at least once (rice sock achieves this)
Take 150 mg of aspirin every am.
Take 200 mg of ibuprofen 4 times a day.

after some time off the vein will soften again and this i suppose is when you should continue to rest to make sure everything is completely fixed. i hope that 1 week will be enough from here. I will see what my body is telling me at that time.

so there you are.

See Ya,


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