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Hard vein....


Excellent thread!

Well done BigJ - glad to hear you’re on the mend. Thank’s for posting about your experience and thanks also to those who replied. This thread will undoubtedly be of great assitance to those who follow …… we can only hope that they learn from your experience!:)

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OK - i don't want to keep harping on about this...

Tried some light jelqing sunday and one hanging session and I have some veins of a firmer nature back again. Not as bad as before but we obviously weren’t quite ready yet.

I am taking a further week and a half off and we’ll take it from there.

PS - I am not trying to annoy everyone with this thread but i’m sure it can probably help someone in the same situation if it comes up.

Golden Rule - don’t go back to it too fast!!!!

Man this resting is killing me……..

See Ya,


Wondering if someone could tell me what the risks are associated w/ PE’ing w/ these hard veins… I’ve got one just below the head, and it comes & goes for years (mostly has come on recently bc of PE’ing)…

I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it. It doesn’t cause real problems, just a bit of pain, nothing severe. Is there something worse that could happen? (I doubt it would burst would it?)

Also, wonder if the doctor could tell me how difficult it might be to have it surgically taken out?

Thanks, ydb

Probably vein!!

I guess the veins is an indicator that you are overdoing. I was adviced to post here. Sorry! guys I am new at this forum I started my PE one week ago. However, before I discovered this forum, I tried manual streching. I had some kind of lumped tissue where the right bulbourethral is and underneath the head, near the frenum area (behind and below the head). I stopped stretching at that time and begun massagingg it with hot oil till the pain disapeared but the lump didn’t go away completely. When I began my PE, I did a mistake by jelqing in full erect status. Again the lump is back and the stinging in that place, yesterday. I can’t jelq much in 50 or 70% erect it usually gets to full erect easily. I read someone saying you are not pe if you don’t have a discoloration. I have the dicoloration. What are the drawbacks of thromb veins. Can any body advice me? Today, I feel much better I stopped jelqin and don’t have problems even the soft lump moves easily with no pain. I did some message with manual streching to keep the pe..

My advice is.....

Leave it the hell alone!

Wait till it goes away and then resume 1 or 2 weeks later.

I resumed too early after my initial thrombosis and i have now got it back. 1 week in and it is still with me. SOB. Anyway if it hasn’t healed up by the end of this week i’m going to cut it off.

That’ll teach it to mess with me.

nb - i’m kidding of course.

See Ya,



But Seriuosly!
Would it be major to just cut out the thrombosis’d (?) vein? This thing just below my head, which runs along the top half of the shaft seems to be just superficial, like I could just cut it out and be done w/ it…

Anyone here (or know) if there would be many risks w/ just going and getting the vein cut out? I’ve had it on & off for 5 or 6 years, and it’s posed no main problems, other than a slight pain some times when erect…. it’s worse now due to PE, but until I know thre is a real risk associated, I’ll probably continue PE allbeit a bit lighter on the workouts…

Thanks for any advice….


Hey BigJ,

I’m glad to hear that your vein is clearing up. You may or may not have read in some of my posts about a friend of mine who is a Urologist. He also happens to PE. He was a big gainer (2.5 in.). He cautioned me to use moist heat extensively. He said that moist heat goes a long way toward promoting healing as well as loosening things up before you start to PE. I use at least 4 min. of moist heat before and after hanging or stretching/jelqing. You may want to add this to your regimen as a preventative measure.

Best of luck to you.


p.s. Scotland - what a beautiful country! I visited once and have been wanting to go back ever since.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


More heat while hanging can’t hurt so i’ll certainly be doing that - i always warm up but i think i will keep the heat on throughout from now on.
I think the vein is softening again now, so as soon as it is completely softened i’ll give it a week off completely then start back at light jelking. (i am sitting here with magnets on my dick which i think is helping - its bizzare what you end up doing when you get into this stuff, i would never have believed it a couple of months ago)

Thanks for the encouragement - i’m going nuts not peing.

PS Scotland is a beautiful country but living here isn’t always a barrel of monkeys - we get about 3-4 weeks of decent sunshine a year! Tops! Still i suppose it would hardly be as lush and green as it is if it didn’t piss down with rain all the time!

See Ya,



Went to see the doctor today. What a waste of time that was. Other than putting my mind at rest. The conversation:

Me - i think i’ve got a thrombosed vein
Him - lets take a look, yes you’re right - it is.

So then he tells me it will go away over the course of the next month and not to stop having sex or anything.
He was practically sniggering as he diagnosed me ” i’ve never seen a thrombosis there before, was it a particularly, ahem, vigorous intercourse ehm” (can’t be many pe’ers round my neck of the woods then!:) ).
Also - wouldn’t precribe me anticoagulants and didn’t even advise hot wraps or ibuprofen.:(

I tell you, i get less and less confidence in the medical community in this country.(it may be free but at least if you pay for it like in the u.s. it seems they actually want to help you get better quicker instead of just seeing how cheaply they can do it - whatever the timescale)

Whats the point in bloody medicine if all you are ever advised to do is wait and see what happens on its own?

Anyway - thats the end of my rant for the meanwhile.

I can’t wait to get back at it.

See Ya,


I don’t know BigJ, that sounds like good news to me…. I’d be happy w/ that, at least clearly at least this doctor doesn’t have concern for it…

My doctor said the same thing a few years ago… he said it’d just go away over the course of the year, which it did, and it came back during PE

Mine went away after like 1 or 2 if it is gone why would I stop PE?can’t feel it, hanging sessions good, it left like a week or two ago


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