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Hanging vs. pumping

Hanging vs. pumping

Of these two methods of PE, which do you think one would be better off to start before the other?

Could the initial gains that can be expected via one of these forms of PE be more advantageous to gain before the other?
As in would it be better to stretch it out a bit and get maybe some length gain (maybe base girth gain) and then start a pumping routine, or get some pumping (microtears, inflation?) gains then work on hanging?

By initial gains I mean like from first 1.5-3 months of technique usage, if that is realistic.

Distinct from this issue I would like to know opinions on which exercise is generally considered easier and/or less time consuming.

Thanks for your input, fellows.

Doesn’t matter. You want length - hang, you want girth - pump/manual. Hanger and a pump cost approximately the same. You need to do a newbie ritual of manual exercises first before hanging or pumping.

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Basic theory is to attain length then attain girth. Like stretching a rope, you have more chance of stretching it further the thinner it is. Then when it is a suitable length, go for girth.

As has been mentioned, practice jelqing for the first few weeks to get used to having your pecker pulled around :)


If your new I would start at a basic newbie routine before hanging or pumping. I see that you have been a member for over a year but I’m not sure if you have been PE’ing or not if you have than I would vote for the hanging. I don’t really pump but I think most people pump because it feels good more than anything else.

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Thanks for the responses fellows.

And thanks also for the tips given out of concern that I should start with a newbie routine of manual exercises. I started PE about 1.5 years ago though I really only did it as a strict, daily activity for about the first 6 months, then my time and privacy was a bit restricted.

I’ve jelqed and done plenty of manual stretching, I shall be keeping with a jelqing routine for the foreseeable future in advance of the possible beginning of a hanging routine. Oh yes and plenty of kegels.

Thanks again guys.

Here is my take.

I have incorporated pumping as part of my PE regimen and have seen several benefits (girth gains, hard as rock erections/moring wood, vascularity (used to be baby smooth on the shaft, now VERY veiny) and great flacid hang (never turtle at all anymore)).

I decided to incorporate pumping because I am especially interested in girth and because pumping done in a proper manner (3 sets of 10 minutes at 3-7 hg) is very safe and easy.

From my study hanging is much more time consuming and injury prone than proper pumping.
That said, I think hanging is one of the most sure fired methods for gaining length, but does seems to require a good amount of time.

Most hangers also seem to agree that hanging should be done seperate from other PE techniques, except maybe a tad of jelq/stretch inbetween sets.
Whereas most pumpers usually incorporate several techniques along with their pumping and pumping may be a primary or secondary exercise in their regimen.

I plan to get into hanging around April. I really want to give my dick good conditioning and a chance to get some gains from manual work & if iI’m not at my goal by then(around 7 NBPEL & 5+ EG) I’ll definately start hanging. Hanging for me seems quite appropriate as I have private time in both afternoon & some nights but how much time would be a good starting time? Because I have read about people hanging for hours on end. Only negative is hanging scares me slightly :(

Thanks for your responses, Hugh and Tool.

I was hoping to read opinions on privacy and apparent safety level of the two. Pumping seems much simpler for me at this time.

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