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Actionlove guy's criticism of stretching, hanging and pumping.

Actionlove guy's criticism of stretching, hanging and pumping.

I know I must not be the only one reading his talk about nerve and electrical damage to the penis and related structures, so I’d like to see if we can glean some constructive criticism to be gleaned from his standpoint.

He advocates


I think that the ballooning method is most intimately related to our exercises. This method seems to be devoted to extending the tunica and corpus cavernosa further out of the body than before the exercise, and the look of his examples leads me to believe that there is something unusual and improved about the result.

Of his many “case studies”, most of the PE horror stories are about pumping. The remaining number seems to be roughly divided between jelqing and hanging. He’s always talking about damage done by these practices, and my own recent experience with prolonged (3 days of 20% loss of glans sensitivity) numbness has me concerned about understanding the risks as he sees them.

Let’s get all we can from this guy’s perspective, even if we refuse to renounce our preferred methods!

Another self proclaimed “guru” claiming that only HIS methods work and, all the other methods are either dangerous or non-effective. THERE’S a surprise! (sarcasm)

Do a search for “action love” or “Doc Lin” we have had quite a few interesting threads about him.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

If you do happen to injure yourself doing our exercises, he’ll sell you something that will fix it.

>Another self proclaimed “guru” claiming that only HIS methods work and, all the other methods are either dangerous or non-effective. THERE’S a surprise! (sarcasm)<

Yeah but they dont work unless you spend over $100 on his website.


Well, the guy seems to have *something* worthwhile, but.....

I have to agree that it seems too mercenary most of the time.

I have a difficult time sifting through the chaotic nightmare of his site’s layout, so although I’ve perused his pages many times, I always come away a bit disoriented. Perhaps this is some kind of Sufi trick. I don’t know.

As far as sexual health issues go…

What I do know is that the guy has an appreciation for these rich concepts of bodily energy patterns that we materialists here seem to lack —myself included. We only encourage one another to masturbate when inclined and almost never urge one another to conserve system resources, as it were.

As far as PE goes…

I think that maybe we could profitably focus on this “penile balooning” to see if there’s anything there that we can use, conceptually speaking. I’m going to read some more of his weird articles.

For the sake of clarity, please note that I have never purchased anything from this man and I am not trying to promote his business.

Like this, for example.

In this article, he expounds his notion of the stages of erection. He warns against the dangers of allowing erections to subside or be consummated before the “powered up” stage. He describes the hormonal environment of the “powered up penis” as having a direct influence on the capacity for penile growth.

That’s useful, no? In our current length dichotomy, it figures no doubt as tunica oriented.

This notion adds color to my thinking about when to jelq. Possibly one could get better results by “powering up” one’s penis (into what he describes as a more sustainable erection) before doing it to optimize the tissues’ capacity for expansion and permanent growth.

Makes interesting reading…

Parstmynavel, how is balooning different from getting an erection without physical stimulation? But I’ve noticed this, wonder if other agree.

When I get an erection triggered by mental stimulation, it’s rock hard, fully powered (glans is blown up). More importantly the erection lasts for a good duration.

On the other hand when I stroke the penis to erection, the hardon lasts for only few seconds till it starts limping. Another observation - I can last lnger when I start off with a mentally triggered erection. I tend to cum faster when the penis was stroked to erection!!

Ballooning seems to be a technique for after you've taken wood.


From what I can make of the illustrious Dr. Lin’s discourse, ballooning seems to be as much a post hard-on exercise ass erect jelqing.

The difference you’ve described between mentally and physically induced erections is pretty interesting. What’s your age? I think, unfortunately, that I only noticed a marked difference when I was younger —and I’m only in my thirties!

The guy is annoying as hell. I e-mailed him explaining my efforts to try out his ballooning thing and mentioned that I had been jelqing and manual stretching too and had managed to enlarge my penis by about 7/8” at that time. His reply was very illiterate, something along the lines of “not enlarged… permanently damaged for no sexual orgasm”. That was it - no explanation about his theory even.

His method sounds cool although it promotes baldness or at least the hormone/chemical responsible for male pattern baldness.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.


what makes you think balooning will result in MPB? Ofcourse he says DHT is required for increasing penis size (& generally for erection). So that way, even jelqing, etc can lead to an increase of DHT right? Any ideas on this?

I’m 25 & would be extremely agitated if PE can lead to DHT increase or balding!! From what I’ve read, penis developement requires DHT, so has anyone practicing PE experienced balding or receding hair line???

This shit is dirving me crazy. He sounds pretty informed when he talkes about all these DHT , and stuff written in 3-4 letters, and how they co-operate inside the body. But when reading his yoga. meditation stuff and all the herbs he recommends it sounds just like a person eager to earn money….

Restarting everything.

rg, I don’t know anything about the science behind DHT and male pattern baldness… I merely got these ideas from that guy’s website. Have a quick look around his site and in a lot of his answers to questions he talks about supplements to buy to stop this male pattern baldness thing. Of course, he himself sells the supplements.

I don’t think the PE that we practice on this board has an effect on MPB. We are stretching ligaments and expanding blood cells and the tunica manually. Dr Lin’s methods involve burning testosterone into DHT via stimulation etc.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.

I emailed him recently, asking about penis enlargement because I’m a hard gainer and haven’t had results yet after a looonnnggg time. His reply was ‘You should not to look for penile enlargement.’ But he did give me a link to some products!

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