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Gripping the Tunica Without Gripping the Glans

Gripping the Tunica Without Gripping the Glans

You know how we can grip the tunica near the glans with our thumb and index, without affecting the glans? Does the Bib Hanger do this? If not, is there a device that can, and how long can you hang with it continuously when there is about 5 lbs of weight/traction?



The Bib generally grips below the glans, although it does tend to ride in certain positions. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to place the Bib low enough on the shaft to avoid the glans completely.

Most hangers advise that each set last no more than 20 minutes, with light jelqing and 10 minute rests between sets. Although 5 lbs seems light, it can actually feel quite heavy, especially when “hanging” straight out or over the shoulder. You can still easily go numb and turn blue. I recommend following this guidance, while checking regularly that the glans stays pink and warm.

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