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Good question

Good question

Okay I was wondering if you we’re to use lets say a cold rag after clamping the cold rag would constrict the veins if I’m correct and maybe blood would stay in their longer so that their would be more of an increase in size and length maybe and also afterwards you could use a warm rag any thoughts on this?

If you got it flaunt it.

Well any thoughts about this?

If you got it flaunt it.

I would figure that applying anything cold to your penis would make it shrivel up, not trap blood in it. If you’re going to do anything, stick with the heat.


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I would think that the blood would “retreat” because there still is no way that your physically shutting off the ability for the blood to leave through the “exit” [back in towards your body towards your BC muscle].

I guess in a way what your saying is that if you squeeze your wrist hard enough you’ll cut off any posibility for blood to flow to your hands or from your hands to the rest of your arm. You see what I’m saying? There is still blood physically leaving and entering your hand, it just may be a reduced amount, but it’s still entering and leaving it, so what your saying I don’t think would be true.

Of course however, anybody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

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If your veins constrict how can they hold blood? Needless to say if you apply anything cold to your penis the blood will run like you from your cheek pinchin’ Aunt Sally. Stick to heat, that keeps the blood flowing.


Originally Posted by RoomToGrow
If your veins constrict how can they hold blood? Needless to say if you apply anything cold to your penis the blood will run like you from your cheek pinchin’ Aunt Sally. Stick to heat, that keeps the blood flowing.


Cold Therapy

Cold therapy with ice is the best immediate treatment for acute injuries because it can reduce swelling and pain. Ice is a vasoconstrictor (causes the blood vessels to narrow) and it limits bleeding at the injury site. Apply ice to the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Allow the skin temperature to return to normal before icing a second or third time. You can ice an acute injury several times a day.

If you got it flaunt it.

Well I was just thinking if you apply ice it will cause the blood vessels to become narrow thus less blood flow for an amount of time and if you just got through clamping and your still full with blood it could help I believe.

If you got it flaunt it.

All I know is whenever my dick gets cold it shrivels up.


Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try I might use just like a cool damp rag the next time I jelq.

If you got it flaunt it.

Sounds like a plan. Let us know how it works.


There are, I think, a couple of members who do a cool down with ice cubes. (lay a few along the top after some excercises while in a pumped state to help the tissue ‘harden’ up like that aiding plastic deformation.) I don’t do it, but maybe others who do could chime in.

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I’ve posted this on a few other threads but no responses yet.. Hopefully someone out there can help me or give some advice-

My Question: I am going home for a week soon and I know I won’t have enough time to perform my usual 100-120 min PE routine (all lengthening routine). I am going to try to PE six times during the week. Do you think just a 20 minute set once a day would be good enough just to keep the ligs stretched so they don’t go back to their normal state and I lose length? ( 20 min. A day- 6 days that week). Do you think it would be a good maintenance routine because I am real anal about losing my gains and I haven’t quite tried any maintenance routines.

(Also, during the summer when I’m home, it will be the same situation, I won’t have enough time during the day to do a good PE workout. Would this routine.or what routine.. Would be good to use throughout the summer/ 2-3 months / so I don’t lose anything-not so much trying to gain anything- just trying to keep what I have throughout the summer until I get back to school next fall and have the ‘alone’ time I need to do solid workouts. Any recommendations?)

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