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What does a good workout feel like?

What does a good workout feel like?

I have been doing various PE exercises for 4+ months and have realized some gains . IMO I have been careful. After a workout, hanging or jelqing, I usually do not feel tired or sore. However I was on my 5th day and I have a different feeling. I am a little sore and a little retracted. I don’t like that so I put a light stretcher on. It doesn’t hurt but it has my attention.

This brings me to my question.
How can a newbie know what is good and what is bad until he crosses the line? And have I crossed the line?

BTW this is my first “New Thread”. I have been lurking here for at least 1 month and I have to say “this is a great place”. My sincere appreciation to all. I am a serious slalom water skier. I have contributed on several water sports forums and I have to tell you, they are a tough crowd. Very good dynamics here.


A little to medium soreness is good. About like your muscles feel after a good weights workout. Don’t worry about the retraction.



Thanks for the immediate reply. I have lifted seriously in my not so distant past. This feels different than the “pump” obviously and different than “next day soreness” from lifting too. It feels “stingy”. I have felt this to a lesser degree several other times. What do you think?

If you feel charged-up and like you want to have sex after a workout routine, you’ve done it right, imo.




Thanks for the response. I believe that you do not hang, mostly jelq, right? I think I am doing the jelq workout right and I agree with you, where is she after I finish a jelq session. She has never seen me that big. I am sure it would be a very tight fit and hence my goal.

Based on the LOT theory I am hanging SO and OTS. After my last SO session I was “tender” and a little worried that I had done too much/too long. I put the stretcher on for a few hours and in the morning I felt fine. Based on Bib’s response I am starting to think that I have begun to feel what I am suppose to feel. I am very excited about that. I am committed to making some serious gains. I have read many of your posts and when I focus on girth I look for your posts. I pump a little but do not like the donut effect. My fiance has asked about it during oral sex and I was a little bit at a loss for words. She know’s I do PE. She also asked about discoloration. I have noticed that wrapping has helped as well as a lighter jelq. Sorry to ramble.


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