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Is My Hybrid Routine any Good

Is My Hybrid Routine any Good

Guys I don’t have much time to PE so this is what I do, since I’m mostly interested in length I do 30 sec stretches in all directions 5 str8 on and 2 off. I grip a lil above mid shaft and pull. When I pull though, to get a good grip I force some blood to the head this gives me a very good stretch and I’m guessing a good jelq too?is this correct,again it’s like at about mid shaft and then stretch from there but forcing some blood to head to get good grip.I feel I NEED to jelq to get good length gains,and I’m not hanging.should I rest more,what do you guys recommend should I stick to newb routine(even though I only want length) and if so how many days of rest 2 on 1 off or 5 on 2 off as I do now. Thx fellas

Come on fellas I thought this was a community where the vets and others help newbs out with questions and other things.what no one has the answer to this simple question?

GameMaster, a good stretching routine I’ve read about is pulling for 2 seconds, releasing for 2 sec. (for around half an hour in the morning and half hour at night.) Taking 2 days off is okay. I’d bet this would give you good gains if you did your stretching the way you are now (grip-wise) and you are comfortable with it. Good luck.

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OK, this is my take on it. I think you should rename your hybrid routine the lowbrid. I don’t think it will produce any results.

Some guys devote an hour a day to PE and still have a hard time gaining, so if you think your 5 minutes a day when you can find the time is going to cut it, I don’t think so.

As your life style changes and you find yourself with a little more free time, perhaps you can put in some serious work.

I never said my routine is 5 mins a day, I wonder how you came to that silly conclusion considering I clearly said that I stretch in all directins (thats 5 direction) for 30 secs, repeated 5 times. That makes for 12.5 minutes of rigorous stretching which is longer than what the newb routine requires.all I needed to know was this, I tightly grip at midshaft, my tight hold causes my to force blood toward the head. Therefore I hold this “semi jelq” which is also this good enough of a jelq considering I only want lenght increase, I do believe this will give good results because I feel the soreness after the workout.

There was a post some time back ago where someone mentionen gaining ~1 inch - all from stretching (mostly V-stretches?). How much time he put into it per day, frequency etc I do not recall.


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