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girth conversion help needed...

girth conversion help needed...

When looking at toys, they measure at 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, and 2 inches, etc.

What do those numbers equate to? I’m pumping and jelquing for girth and don’t want to get my gf anything a little too big if I can help it, we have one that’s 5.25” in girth and it hurts her a little.



The size you refer to are the diameter of the toys.
The girth (or circumference) is a function of the diameter.
That is, the circumference is equal to the diameter multiplied by Pi (Approx 3.141)
So, a 1” toy has a girth of 3.141”
1.5” has a girth of 4.711”
2.0” has a girth of 6.282”

Here goes. Those numbers are diameters. Girth, or circumference equals PI X Diameter. So:

1.25 X 3.14159 = 3.927
1.50 X 3.14159 = 4.712
1.75 X 3.14159 = 5.500
2.00 X 3.14159 = 6.283


You beat me on the ole slide rule. Good day mate!

that’s IF they’re a perfect circle, though.

8" x 5 3/4" NBP.

My Pics

Hi gprent!
By the way its not “good day” its “G’Day”. HA HA
Remember, we are not a colony of Mother England anymore (even if our head of state is still the Queen!!)

You’re right anonon when you quantify that comment. I suppose if you took the “average” width if out of round would give a fairly good approximation of the girth. Say for instance that the width was 2” across and 1.5” deep, then a “average” width of 1.75” would give a fair indication.

OK Andrew,

So I don’t quite know the lingo. Still I like your style. Let’s tip a Fosters or three. Damn big can!

Balls said the Queen, if I had two I’d be King!!!

Thanks Cobber!

Mate the beer is in the back fridge (always loaded up), so if you ever make it down under, there’s a room ready for you!!
I’m not sure about Fosters though..:)

BTW, I’m heading to the States in 2005..what ever happen to the thread regards a Thunders Convention?

Yeah I started the thunders convention thread a while ago, still think it would be a great idea. Although I doubt I could afford the air fare to make it to the states just yet :(

I couldnt imagine many Australians drinking that awful Fosters crap, I bet the lager lout british drink more crappy fosters than you do down under!


Very well put Melvin!

There are SO many nicer beers coming out of Australia (as well as all the imported beers we are getting now), I can’t believe Fosters is still in business.Anyway, not to worry, just have another cold one!

OK, tell me, what beer is best in Australia. So I goofed up on ‘Fosters. A logical mistake.

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