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question on glands and girth

question on glands and girth

Hey all, I have a quick question on the glands and girth. My routine consists of hanging, followed by horse squeezes and some regular squeezes. I know both of these girth exercises are good for the mid and upper shaft girth, and hanging helps out with base girth, but what about head girth? If i continue to jelq and do these squeeze exercises, will head girth grow proportionally with the shaft girth? Or do I have to incorporate a seperate head girth exercise? Right now my mid girth is a little bit under 5”, and while I don’t want a huge mushroom shape head, I don’t want a small, underproportioned head either. It seems that with jelqing, blood is forced into the head and therefore will cause it to expand. Anyone have any comments? Thanks…

I feel that of the PE excercises I’ve done, pumping and jelking give the very best head expansion. Although it might look to you that your glans is overblown during the exercise, your erect gain will usually reflect proportional growth between shaft and glans. If your glans grows a bit larger during all this, celebrate that. Women usually love stimulation by the corona of the glans.



IF you find your head small in comparison to your shaft girth try uli’s or sadsak’s. both are in the faq, though I find uli’s description of uli’s quite hard to follow :|

One of the most important facates of the “woman plunger” is its head. Ok look at it this way, when thrusting what is the one part of your tool which hits the “g” spot? the very top of the crown of your head.

Also when you hit rock bottom ,which some girls dig, you can feel the crown hitting some major realestate. The more stimulation the better right?

IMHO achieving a Kings crown is in a dead tie with girth. Remember chicks dig the texture, if that makes any sense. Sorry guys, I have had a few shots. hehe. Any opinions on the matter?

Uli’s will grow the head…squeeze the base and right below the head…it really expands the head and shaft.

Most women I have been with love to suck the head, so the bigger it is and the more it “sticks out” past the shaft, the better…

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