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Girth and length rest time differs

Girth and length rest time differs


Girth and length rest time differs. I have found that I get the best girth gains when doing .5 workouts full erect exercises 4or5 days on and 2 or 3 off. Now on the other hand to get a length gain I have to really do long workouts and I seem to get better results with little or no days off. So it seems to me that when you get length you are mostly stretching what you have and not really building all new dick, some but not all. Now on the other hand when you go for girth you need time for your dick grow, it has to grow everything from cells to veins,,,,,etc. I,m testing this theory now I had .5 girth gain a couple of months ago doing the short routine and now I’m trying for length using the long routine, I will measure in about a month I bet I get a nice length gain and I lose or maintain my girth. My nice gain would be about .25 I don’t gain fast. Anybody else notice this?


Yup. For me, it seems erect girth work is much more taxing, requiring more rest. For the past two weeks I did my girth on M, W and F with the weekend off, but blasting sessions every day. Seemed to be a nice combo…

Hi Dino, you got a .5 inch gain in girth in several months that’s a great job! Can I ask what kind of girth exercise you’ve been doing? Thanks.


what kind of girth exercise you’ve been doing?

Erect jelqing, a ton of horse’s and some minor bends, and a ton of jelq squeezes. I don’t have a set number of any I just go for .5 to .75 of an hour. I start out with some jelqing and than erect jelqing and than I mix the bad boys in you know a couple of horses here and a couple of jelq squeezes and in between always back to erect jelqing. And I don’t go to far with the bends they scare the shit out of be, but seem to work.

Since I started Ihave gained an inch in girth and it has all come when I was doing less and taking more breaks.


I completely agree with you Dino.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


I’m starting to think the best way to get a length gain is to get a girth gain first . Do like 2 months all girth exercises and than switch to 2 month all length exercise with just some jelqing for health. Well I will see if it works for me.



Sounds like a plan. Keep us updated, i’d be interested to hear your results.


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