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Girth and bends

Girth and bends

I have noticed that the three fattest penises I have ever seen in a porn movie, all had a bend to the side.

Two of the guys were black. One was white.

I just wondered if everyone thinks that it is just a coincedence or do you believe the bending to the side could be a result of PE or PE injury ??

I mean these dudes were FAT !!. Maybe 8 inch girth and all three had the
same type of bend that bends to the right or left side.

All three of the guys were in amateur type porn movies so I really wouldn’t say they were “stars”.

Also the latest xxx vid I watched had a white guy with a long penis (maybe 8 -9 inches) and it had a very dark, kinda bronze color to it. His erection pointed straight out in front almost hanging.

I thought to myself : could that be a sign of PE ??

Gee whiz !!!….. now every porn I watch I look for PE signs and wonder.

The sideways bend could be natural but the girth is probably a good sign.

Discoloration, now there is a good sign.

Have you voted in the human sexuality poll? It need votes.

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No, I didn’t vote, but I may do that now.

Oh hey, I noticed you are located in yesterday.

I was there yesterday !!

We should’ve hooked up.

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