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Girth and bends

Girth and bends

I just started doing erect bends and was wondering whether you can isolate the CC or the CS depending on which direction you bend. It looks to me like the CC’s get alot bigger when I bend up or down, and the CS gets bigger when I bend to the sides. Does this mean that bending up or down will give more girth to the CC’s and bending to the sides will give more girth to the CS?

Thanks for any replies!


Hey Mick,

In my experience when doing bends I have always found that the direction I bent to seemed to feel the most pressured. I.E., if I bent it to the right, the right chamber seemed to get the most pressured feeling, but I never looked at the CS after or when I was doing this.

It seems plausable since your reducing the area, then the blood would go to the other two chambers, since they’re all connected.

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I’m basically just out to get all girth until im satisfied (started just below 7 length and 5 girth), now im just above 7 length and 5 girth.. I do hardcore dry jelqs (which seems to get the top fatter), horse squeezes (gets the midshaft fatter) and base bends (gets the bottom fatter I hope, although i’m not very experienced with bending, im gonna trying the DLD as well soon cus I hear thats excellent for girth gaining)


Hey thanks. I guess I’ll just bend in every direction :)

Sorry ThunderSS.. I forgot about the no slang thing.


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