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Getting back into it

Getting back into it

Guys I was hanging pretty good about 2 months ago. I worked my way up to 10 pounds 3 sets of 20 min with the wench. My dad then had a stroke, and I got off my routine. I had changed it up and started to do girth instead of length. For girth I was jelquing mabey 15 minutes, then doing this exercise I made up involving a hair tie. I put the tie around my base and look at porn. It has a cock ring affect. I get as much blood in as possible. From here I can do erect bends, and super squeezes. I also worked in the cable clamp. On the bends should my dick be so hard that I can’t bend it or a little less hard. I want to start back hanging today, and wanderin should I start back with 5 pounds or pick back up at ten. Also could I work this girth routine into my workout or just keep with lenght work. I’ve been at pe for over 3 years on and off and used to think i hadn’t gained anything. Now I think I probably have gained but jsut don’t realize how much because I never use to pay attention to my size when I started dabbling in pe. I am currently about 6.5 by 4.7 nbp I really want to get to a solid 7 nbp soon, and 5 in girth. This will be my first goal I will not give up on gaining. Please help me guys.


First and foremost, could you take a few minutes to read the Forum Guidelines ? I’d really appreciate it.

If you’re going to start hanging again you should start at five and work your way up to ten. Your penis is deconditioned from the time off so you won’t need to use so much weight right of the bat. The popular theory is that length comes more easily to those with small girth, so you’re probably better off aiming for your length goals before your girth goals. Bends should be done with an erection, but it should have some give. They’re dangerous, so be careful.

If you have any more questions, just say the word. Peace.

Thanx bro, but what so you think about my girth routine with the cableclamp and the hair tie. Also what is a good routine for hanging as far as days go. Is straight down hanging ok and between the cheeks, becasue I don’t have the ability to make a pulley for straight out hanging.

Before you develop a routine, you need to discover your LOT. It will make your routine more efficient. Once you’ve done that, take a peek at the Hanging 101 Routine. It will give you a good outline to build your routine. Any other questions? Just say the word. ;)

my Lot is like 6 or 7 I think now how should I hang guys

could domebody please respond

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