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Gained some girth!

Gained some girth!

I am very happy to say that I have gained some girth, ¼ of an inch of it, no less!

It took about a month, once I discovered clamping but I couldn’t get the clamps to hold, so I do it manually (tricks and tips welcome from clampers who don’t do it manually).

So this is what I do every other day, seven days a week.

Warm up consists of about 1 minute of jelqs. Then I do 10 minutes of manual clamping only swapping hands when they become tired and with a full erection and about 5 kegals to really get hard, and then clamp. While I’m clamping I get a slight ache but not painful.

At the end I will have a few small red dots but nothing serious and they go within a few hours.

The days that I don’t clamp, I jelq 10 to 15 mins a day.

I pray that it continues….

Feb 2003: 7" BPEL x 5" EG. June 2006: 9" BPEL x 6.5" EG

(6" base girth)

Congratulations on the girth gains,bombazine. If it’s working for you, stick with it.


Forum Guidelines PAST: 5.25"L x 4.75"G (base),EBP (January 2001) / PRESENT: 7.50"L x 7.00G (base),EBP It doesn't happen overnight! Commitment! Focus! Patience!/ Main Routine = Pumping/Jelqing/clamping + Homedic TheraP or ACE Wrap TheraP or ACE Wrap

I have not been successful with a clamp either. Seems I have some plumbing which lets the blood escape. Even with the hands I have to squeese down very tightly - tighter than I could do with a device without pinching.

Hi and congrats on the gains,

I also can’t work use cable clamps too well and prefer my hands to do uli’s, I can get more pressure too. Clamps seem to slip around 90 degrees, if that makes sense.


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