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Anyone gained 1.5 inches girth?

Anyone gained 1.5 inches girth?


I was just wondering, is there anyone here who has gained 1.5 inches or more in girth, and how did you do it and in how long?


well i gained 6mm that 3/16 in 3 weeks, so I guess it should be possible !


I have gained close to 1.5” in girth. I started out 5.1”. Now I’m over 6”, If I press down a bit on the base I get 6.25 to 6.5”. During sex I get that big as well. I’ve gained .5” in the last 2 months. After work out I get to 6.75-7” sometimes.

Careful with doing too much girth work, you can easily over do it.

MustBeDreaming, what sorts of routines and exercises do you perform?

I’ve gained close to it. From 5” to my current 6 1/8” of erect girth. I expect to hit 6.25” of girth this month. I’ve done a variety of things from jelqing when I first started PE to horse squeezes and Uli’s. I am currently as of a few days ago using a cable clamp with my girth work and am loving it! I really think this may be the key to more length gains for me in the near future.

Would using cock ring while doing horse 440’s help at all?

I haven’t gain any to any direction, i only got much more veins and a cock tan as a result of my PEing.

And whatta hell is a cable clamp?

Looking to be a kiwi.

I’ve gained 1.25 inches of girth by using the power jelq and taking Vig-Rx. I’ve been PE-ing for the past 20 months.

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