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to guys who gained girth

to guys who gained girth

I seem to be having serious trouble gaining girth. To all of you lucky guys out there who have gained girth, how much have you gained and what do you think are the most effective exercises? What is the key to gaining girth? Is it expansion or what?

I tried for literally years to jelq and got nothing. Now I warm up with jelq then do uli, horse 440, and erect bending, gotton just over 1/4 inch around teh midshaft and about 1/2 around the base. reply if you dont know how to do these exercises, I read about them at peforum

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I’ve gained 3/4” girth.

Slow intense jelqs……Uli’s and Pan squeezes.

I am now doing some “horse shoes” also. I start my jelqs out fully errect and do them until I start to drop below 80%…..then I get back to full erection and start over……do VERY firm grip, very slow strokes (3-5sec)

Lately I have been doing my pan squeezes fully erect. I am REALLY feeling these….can really feel the tunic stretching. I won’t know for a while if I make additional gains from these.


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I would be interested to know how to perform these excercises. I’m pretty new to PE but i would like to have a lot of knowledge about the excercises, before I really get into it.


Hello Don nice to meet you,

Pan Squeezes and Horse Shoe bends are detailed over a PEforum. Check the best posts section. Here is a good description of horse shoes from hobby.

Uli’s are in the FAQ as are horses bot are good for girth.

Beware squeezes as a newbie (how new are you?). These are intense exercises and 2 months jelqing is almost a prerequisite for avoidance of injury.


I have gained a inch in girth, it took over 2 years, it was mostly from erect jelqing and squeezes. Be careful full erect squeezes are not for newbies your veins just can’t handle the increased volume of blood.


I gained a half inch in a week out of nowhere but alot of others have gotten great gains with the power-jelq devise.

Two in Two

It’s taken me about two years to gain 2 inches in girth at the base. I would attribute most of my gains in order of effectiveness to: 1) pumping, 2)powerjelq and 3)manual jelqs.



I have been PE’ing on and off (most off) for about 4 months, but because i have been very inconsistent i have not yet had any gains. I’m much more motivated now, and I have more time since the weather here is too damn cold to be outside.

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