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Flaccid same length as erect? Impressing the wrong people.

Flaccid same length as erect? Impressing the wrong people.

I’ve been doing PE somewhat regularly for about year now (mostly jelqing and manual stretching), and have recorded about a 1” gain in flaccid length, but only about 0.5” of EL (mostly in the first few months). My current proportions are 6” EL x 5” circumference, and I’ve gone from being somewhere in between a “grower” and a “shower” to being a “shower” in the extreme. In short (pun intended), I look great in the locker-room, but those aren’t the guys I’m trying to impress. In fact, my penis looks BIGGER to me when it’s flaccid than when it’s erect, because of the discrepancy between my expectations and the reality. Has anyone else experienced a VERY long period of little to no gain in EL, and only gain in flaccid length, only to gain in EL after a long delay? I need a reason to keep going.

And is there anyone else whose FL is almost the same as his EL, like mine? I know there’s a bit of delay in gains between the two, but in my case, it seems extreme. I’ve received no complaints from any women about my penis, but considering how much time I’ve invested into this, I’m really trying to determine whether there’s any sense in continuing.

I’ve gained a lot of girth and quite a bit of flaccid length. However I think the flaccid length is only because my dick is heavier and hangs better, also because it has gotten too fat to turtle inside the fat pad and I’ve reduced my fat pad a great deal by losing weight. Like you, my flaccid dick looks more impressive than my erect dick, but this is precisely what I was going for. I think erect length gains just come really slow for some of us, and maybe not at all once the newbie growth spurt is over. or that is the way it has been with me. I’m giving hanging and extending one more shot, at least till summer. If I haven’t gained anymore length by then I’ll probably retire.

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