Biggest Flaccid to Erect Ratio

So I am taking on hanging and stretching in an effort to add around 1.5” to my erect length while at the same time adding at least 2” to flaccid length. I am already a shower at 6-6.5” fl and 7.5” nbpel. I know I am not small, but I would kill to have 8.5-9” el with an 8” flaccid.

My question:
What is the biggest ratio of flaccid to erect size guys have achieved?

Are these goals obtainable or am I just dreaming and need to rethink what is possible? Is adding 1” to each measurement more realistic?

Before anyone says it, I know flaccid size doesn’t really mean anything, but I want a big ol floppy schlong to go with a bigger el. LOL

4/1/12 - FL 6" EL 7.5" nbp EG 6"(ms) 6.5"(base)

12/31/12 - FL 6.5" EL 8" nbp EG 6" (ms) 6.5" (base)

GOAL - FL 8"+ EL 9"+ nbp EG 6.5"(ms)