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Bent Penis : what is the best way to Fix it


Bent Penis : what is the best way to Fix it

Hello all,

What are the best ways to fix a bent penis?
I’ve heard traction and and jelqing help? If so are there certain techniques used?

Any advice or direction to previous forum posts would be helpful

Thank you

I heard you can beat the bend out with a hammer.

Originally Posted by raybbaby
I heard you can beat the bend out with a hammer.


Numnutz - do the newbie routine for a few months, then look into buying an extender. And do it in that order only :)

Major thumbs :up: on the name choice man!

-Gator I will give it a try!
-Baby Ray, maybe I’ll end up using the Hammer if nothing else works :)
-Sonny there was nothing on your link when I clicked on it?

Any other ideas or direction to previous forum posts?

Thanks again!

I think Sonny meant: do a search for Curved penis, title only.

All I see is the extender for fixing the curve.
Has anyone used it before with success?
Are there other ways to fix it without surgery?


I myself am only a newbie here but with the research I’ve done I’ve sorta gathered my own theory (which I’m sure others have thought of). Basically lets say your penis curves to the left (which mine does), well I believe it could have something to do with the ligaments on that side of the penis being naturally “tighter” than on the other side leading to a curve as the non curved side grows out more than the curved side. I have no idea if there is any evidence that this could be the case but I imagine manual stretches of the ligaments should sort it out (especially so if you stretch the “tighter” ligaments harder than the “looser” ones.) Hope I’ve been of some help, Dar.

Edit: also jelqing in the opposite direction should help sort it out I would imagine.

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Well, is it curved? or bent? A curved penis slopes through out maybe looking like a banana. That can be fixed. An actual bent penis is something different.

Thanks guys, mine is curved to the left a little, simmilar to a banana, I can manually hold in the straight position while erect without much work and with zero pain, It is curved enough for me to want to correct it, but it does not hinder performace
(It may even enhance it) I Jelq, pump, use a homemade traction, and sometimes clamp.
I am just wanting new info if anyone has more ideas

Thanks again everyone!

I believe the current set of medical grade traction devices on the market were developed specifically for correcting curvature and there are some medical studies that show their effectiveness. I would recommend talking to your doctor about it, maybe your medical plan would pay for it. ;)

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My status thread

Extender. You can adjust for more tension on the side of curvature. Mine was slightly left, as most seem to be, straight now!

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My noose style extender modification

My jelq routine

I’d suggest an extender or even a hanger with the fulcrum in the opposite direction of the curve.

But with the extender, take 9_in_richard’s advice on the tension.

Great posts thanks guys!

I’ll have to see if my insurance will pay :)

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