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Figured out my LOT...doesnt look good

Figured out my LOT...doesnt look good

Sorry for the double post, I just thought that I would get more feedback from this forum :

Ok…my LOT seems to be very low. Like between 7 and 8 o’clock. But the thing is, im still a average 5.5 man I guess I shouldnt do as much hanging and concentrate more on things that stretch the tunica like DLD Blasters? I dont think it would be wise to stop hanging completely tho. I am currently on Month 3 with 10lbs for 3 20min sessions.

I also do modified sets of DLD Blasters. I have a pole that I lay across two high stools. I DLD Blast by pulling it up and over the bar and squating a little to give a higher angle. I do 6 sets of about 40 secs like this. Thats basically it for my stretch session.

Then I do 20 mins on the Power Jelq.

How should I modify my routine to get max results?

Also, im seriously considering pumping. If I do go through with it one of these days, what would be the best routine to incorporate all PE “tools” (stretching, jelqing and pumping)

Thanks a lot guys….

With a low LOT, upper angle tunica stretching is your best bet for additional length.

If you are already into hanging, just change the angle of your attack. Over the shoulder and straight out will hit the tunica nicely. Any angle you can hang in that is above your LOT should stress the tunica. Because the tunica is tougher than the ligs, keep in mind you may need to use more weight to get a similar effect.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

RB: As I´ve understood you are into tunica stretching… Have you seen any gains yet??

Restarting everything.

Over 1/2” in BPFS in the past 60 days of strictly tunica stretching…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

By upper angle do you mean with ur member being pulled slightly upward?

Yes. Imagine you are standing and pulling your prick straight out horizontal. Work it at and above (towards your head) this angle in all directions.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Originally posted by ThunderSS
ur ?????


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