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Extreme Uli Progress

Extreme Uli Progress

Well, a sign of it anyway. For about 2 1/2 weeks I’ve been doing 3-6 EU’s a day and also spending quite a bit of time wrapped for girth. I jelq between EU sets and before wrapping - which actually adds up to quite a bit of jelqing. I had been doing 4-5 days on, then 1 off.

I last PE’d on Friday, then got busy with other things and didn’t PE again until today. I warmed up with some jelqing and noticed my head looked bigger than usual. Hmm. I finished jelqing and applied the Uli thing. I often measure while Ulied, usually on my 3rd set because I seem to have maximum expansion by then. My head was 5 1/2”, up from the 5 3/8” I had been getting before.

It will be interesting to see if it continues to reach 5 1/2” or if today was a fluke. So far the extra size isn’t showing with a normal erection. Actually my head has been smaller than usual, which often happens during periods of intense girth work.

So I don’t know if this is a real gain. I wouldn’t call it one yet, but something is happening. 3 full days off helped. I’ll start taking at least two consecutive days off after 4-5 on.

Nice work Hobby!
Any gain is a good gain, right?

I have also just started to play with EU’s and so far, I really like them. Not for the feint hearted though!

Yeah, EU’s aren’t something to rush into. I get a bunch of purple spots the first day back after taking 2 or more days off. The hair follicles on the bottom of my shaft near the base turn dark purple. My shaft is also darkening in the middle with the typical PE discoloration pattern. It always worsens when I focus on girth. Oh well, just have to accept it as a side effect. It will lighten again after I lay off the girth exercises.

I forgot to mention I’m heating with a rice sock for each EU set. I’m also using a cable clamp right behind the head for some sets, ala Piet’s Extreme Horses. I usually don’t apply it very tight, but it helps boost the pressure a little. Mostly it’s for donut control.

I’m pleased to see girth increases of any kind. I haven’t been purposely targeting the head, but I’ll take what I can get. More expansion while Ulied must be a good sign.

I’ve speculated before that maybe girth is best treated like hanging for length - keep the whammy on the tissues. However, the 3 day break clearly did some good.

I’ve done a lot of EU’s in the past with no permanent results. I’m hoping more days in a row with adequate rest periods is the ticket. I think Dino said he gained girth best with 5 on/2 off. I always have a hard time actually taking the days off. :)

It’s hard to tell how much wrapping is helping. Usually I stay wrapped for a couple hours total, but have gone as high as 4 hours in a day.

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