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Making Extreme Ulies More Extreme

Making Extreme Ulies More Extreme

Here’s something fun to do for all those who do Extreme Ulies…

Chances are you already tried it, so I’m not trying to coin some bullshit exercise title.

When you’re in the Uli, make sure you’re sitting on a flat hard surface. A regular metal folding chair works fine. While your penis is engorged, round your back and sort of lean foward. Bring your thigs together, slightly or all the way. As you lean foward, can you feel the pressure building inside your cock? Good. That’s what we’re after. Lean foward as far as you can without popping your cock open, hold for a few moments, then sit back up. You can probably get the same effect by just pushing the Uli device foward towards the glans, but this way is hands-free, and still pretty intense. Try to imagine pushing your ass out, trying to retract your dick into your body, except there’s a clamp at the base stopping it and building the pressure. “Flex” it like that… I’m not talking about a kegel, that’s just the only way to describe it. It’s like “topping off” at the gas station.

Ok, here’s the disclaimer for the common sense deficient: If you’re a “newbie” (I hate that word) DO NOT TRY THIS YET! Do Ulies and Horses by hand for a few months before attempting this shit.

Good luck.

Becoming.... Godsize

I find that with a uli thing on, if I move to a squatting position, the pressure increases for some reason.

Yeah, because in that position, your dick naturally wants to “retract” into your body, but the Uli thing is there to stop it, thus building pressure. Same as just taking the Uli thing and pushing it towards the glans by hand for added pressure.

Becoming.... Godsize

Oh hell, just call it Prickle’s Pickle Popper or some shit like that. I agree with you about everyone that posts something wanting to stick their name to it. The exercise they name is probably already being done by others and has probably already been discussed.

However, good post on something that some may not have already “discovered” (and thus named) yet.

Originally posted by soyelmocano
Oh hell, just call it Prickle's Pickle Popper or some shit like that.


Who cares about adding a name. I wouldn’t hold it against Prickle if he called it that ;)

Re: Making Extreme Ulies More Extreme

Originally posted by Prickle
“newbie” (I hate that word)

How about “neophyte”?

I apologize.

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