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Erection question...

Erection question...

I can get a pretty good erection sitting, but not standing up, why?

And how do I make so when I stand up my unit is just as hard as when I sit down?

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I think that is normal. I used to measure standing up but gave it up because It is more difficult to be sure you are at 100%. Maybe it has something to do with the muscles around the pelvis, hip, glutes, etc being tense rather than relaxed? But during sex, you can be using those muscles and still be 100% hard. I don’t know. Maybe it is just a gravity thing.

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Originally Posted by Kaneka
I can get a pretty good erection sitting, but not standing up, why?
And how do I make so when I stand up my unit is just as hard as when I sit down?

The circulatory system is just like any other pumping system. So, the fluids within the system are affected by gravity. When standing there is a greater amount of blood forced to the legs than when seated. That is to say, when going from standing to sitting, you are increasing the ratio of blood volume in the midsection to blood volume in the legs. More blood volume in the midsection means more blood pressure to the penis.

Consider when standing in one spot for a long time that your feet have a tendency to swell with blood. As a consequence of this, career waitresses or nurses (for instance) are more apt to develop varicose veins and such.

Of course I’m just talking out of my ass and I have no textbook medical knowledge.. but I’m pretty sure this is the case =D.


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Maybe it has to do with blood pressure. I know way back in college one time when I got terribly sick from food poisoning and extremely dehydrated, I couldn’t standup without nearly passing out. I had to crawl around my dorm room until I decided it was time to go to emergency room. They said the reason for this was that my blood pressure was extremely low and sure enough after about 3L of IV saline solution, returned blood pressure, I could stand up just fine again.

I measure longer (by about 1/2”) when sitting down because pressures from sitting force up some of the base of the shaft that is normally hidden within the body. But the quality (hardness etc.) of the erection is the same if I’m standing or sitting; I don’t know if this is what you’re referring to.

I don’t consider my seated measurement official (I go with standing or kneeling measurements), but I wonder how many other people do? If I remember correctly, descriptions of the proper way to measure don’t address body position.

It’s cause the blood can get to your penis better when your sitting down due to the gravity from when standing, like Satiate said.

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Satiate is right, and that’s why I do jelq lying on bed, if it’s too hard, I will sit, and that’s also the reason why we’d better have sex on bed. The best for measuring is lying on the bed, and maybe to get the best erection for jelq is sitting on a chair and cross your leg on the chair, I will try tomorrow.

I don’t know if that is a complete explanation. The volume of blood in the penis is very small relative to your total volume (a few ml’s compared to several liters), so I don’t see how a shift of blood to below the waist could actually effect the supply to the penis. And blood pressure is generated by the heart, and effected by the vascular resistance. The phenomena implies lower blood pressure when standing than when sitting, which I don’t think is the case.

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Does anyone have any comments on lovely bone’s post about measuring longer sitting than standing? I also get more length sitting (1/4”) than when standing and would love to know if all the medicals studies we see posted on various sites are quoting standing or sitting measurements.

But if you are sitting, this would mean you would be sitting on your BC muscle, Right? While erect and standing, if you press on the BC, your dick will get more erect and harder, until you let go. True or not?

It’s partially true TNT, but even when we sit, we are not pressing the BC muscle as much as if we do kegel, so I don’t think by just sitting, the pressure will be enough to get harder/longer erection. You can do another experiment, raise you left arm, while put down your right arm, and you will see the after few minutes, your right palm is more redish, and your right arm has more veins. So the gravity if the explanation.

In a seated position your groin area is contracted and this position restricts blood outlets hence the blood is trapped in the penis with flow restricted. Relaxation is always an important element in optimal expansion under erectile conditions. For some reason the blood inlets are less affected by a recessed groin position, once in it can be “trapped” or dammed up (so to speak). Good luck, keep it stiff.

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