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Erection problems after PE?

Erection problems after PE?

Hey guys Latelly Something happend to me and my erections are much weaker then they used to. I started PE over a month ago and at the beginning my erections were harder and longer now after a month of PE my erections are weaker and last short period of time. Did I do some damage to my penis? I have been off PE for about a week now and my penis is still lacking strong erections. What can I do ? Cold wraps or massage will help? I`m in my 20’s so it is not the AGE issue I believe it must have something to do with my PE. Maybe I overtrained myselF? thanks guys!

What is your routine? What exercises have you been doing, and for how long do you do them for?

I started a month ago, did the newbie routine. But I also did some ULIs like 10-20 per PE session. And after a month of my PE i decided to do few light erect bends, and after that day my erections are weaker( I know I shouldn’t have been doing erect bends so soon in to PE, but I just wanted to try). Somehow I wake up with an erection but during the day WHEN I want to get it up, It gets up to 80% and then Wouldn’t get harder. I hope that some rest will help. I also think It may be some psychological thing , because I got really stressed out after I couldn’t get my penis really hard for few days.

I would recommend taking two weeks off. Then, when you come back into PE, just do 10 minutes of medium intensity jelqing for two weeks. Then after that, add in your stretches.

When you start having erection problems, your mind goes into overload, and you start thinking to yourself, “Get hard dammit!!” This only makes things worse. Just remember that you’re fine, take some time off, relax, and things will get back to normal. You said that you’re waking up to wood, so you know that he’s still working. It’s just time to relax, and let things balance out during your time off.

Just make sure to stay away from the advanced exercises. Just stick to stretching and jelqing. Having to take time off for this stuff only cuts back on your PE time. Be careful, and just remember that you’ll be back to normal before you know it.

Man Thank, I was really stressing it out. Still am a bit, but I hope soon I’ll be back in to my PE routine. I have one question, maybe you can help me. My penis is slightly curved to the left, and I think it’s because my left chamber is weaker. After a month of PE (moslty doing JELQS with right hand) my right hand of penis seems to be a bit thicker then left. How can I make my left chamber work harder to get it closer to the right. Have any idea? Thanks for help

>>I was really stressing it out. Still am a bit, but I hope soon I’ll be back in to my PE routine.

I’ve been through the same thing, but I bounced back just fine. So things will get better. Just takes a little time, that’s all.

>>How can I make my left chamber work harder to get it closer to the right.

Are you wanting to straighten out the curve? I found this thread, which says that manual stretching or hanging will help straighten it out some. I don’t have this, so I can’t really give solid advice on this issue, but maybe someone will chime in here with some good advice.

Is there a reason why you jelq mostly with your right hand?

Somehow my right hand has a better grip and Im able to do it in a comfortable way with right hand. When I use left jelqing is not the same, there is more blood running away from my penis. I was thinking maybe since i’ve been using my right hand my right chamber increased more then left? I do have a curved penis since as long as i can remember. I read that people have curved penises because the chambers are not equaly developed(one is stronger then other) so I was thinking if there was a way to ISOLATE the weaker chamber with some exercises. Anybody has any ideas?Thanks.

ive been doing some sets of erect bends after jelqing, and right after doing some sets my penis just shrinks in length, but its pretty fat in girth. And if i edge after doing some erect bends, i feel like coming even though my dick is partially still a little soft, i think this is what you are experiencing. However everytime i implement erect bends in my program i always end up comfortably 5mm bigger when i measure, and when i dont do them that 5mm diminishes. Pretty weird.

I have a curve in my dick,( to the right) and I just thought it was years of jerkin off with my right hand lol.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"



Most likely you just need a rest you over did it and now you just letting it get you mental, relax and you should be fine.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Damn it. I get it up pretty quickly but I lose my erection in a matter of seconds.(when I massage it goes erect to about 80-90 That never used to happen to me. Damn I am scared I may have damaged my penis from PE or something. I cant keep my penis up that sucks. What could have happened?I am resting my penis for over a week now. I think maybe it is PSYCHOLOGICAL. I’ve been exposed to some stress latelly (job training that i have to pass, scared of this penis problem, and everything else).


Read your own post your freaking, just relax concentrate on the job and let the penis rest and chances are it will be fine.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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