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Erection and alcohol


Erection and alcohol

My erection levels are now usually on top, after a bit of jelqing and kegels. But when I’ve been drinking, i find it nearly impossible to get an erection. Alcohol always has this effect on me, both when sleeping with a long-time girlfriend or when getting home from the bar alone.

Surely things don’t get better when i’m tired (4am) and a bit nervous in bed with a complete stranger; if i’m a bit floppy then the thoughts start coming “hey, I’m not gonna get it up!” and then I’m screwed. Or, to be witty, I’m not… =(

Being 23 I do enjoy meeting new girls but unfortunately this always occurs after some drinking. Naturally i don’t get completely pissed. I use alcohol simply as a social catalyst but even a couple of large beers make me impotent.

Now, the most rational solution would be “stop drinking”. As we all know, this would solve a lot of problems around the world =) but it simply won’t happen. Holding a drink is your shield when meeting people in bars/clubs.

Anyone else having this? Any tips/exercises/meditation/fake drinks to try? =)

You could just quit drinking, if you’re with a group being the DD is a respectable thing to do. Honestly if you can have a good time without liquor, I think chicks would respect that. Plus drunkeness repels women worse than being a VD posterboy.

I’ve heard Cialis can help with this, but mixing drugs and alcohol is not a good thing to practice regularly.

Ginger Ale makes a nice substitute for a mixed drink. I have already quit the alcohol scene, but I am 52 and have also already consumed my life time allocation.

Give up the booze and enjoy life in terms of reality. It works better that way.

You could try training yourself to be able to have erections while under the influence. This would require repeated efforts whereby you are consuming alcohol and just focusing on having an erection.

I’m sure over a course of time this could help the sitution…or make you an alcoholic…

Well alcohol is a depressant and makes you want to relax and if you think about it dehydrate you as well. Never really thought about it, but could dehydration be the problem? Remember the old don’t drink soda or it will shrivel your flaccid posts? Also if you are relaxed and spacey it seems like you would not be in a very sexual mood.

I would suggest learning at what point you are having troubles and just ride that sweet line to the finish line. Other than that you could try having some natural herbs like Yohimbe or a million others that increase blood flow nearby if you know you are going out that night.

Happens to me too, btw. Still haven’t found a good answer.

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Five or Six drinks is all I can have myself before I see a problem…is that a problem? LOL

I find alcohol really desinsitizes me too. Viagra doesn’t work too well with alcohol, but I find cialis comes through no matter what. Alcohol reduces testosterone in men (though interestingly, it increases it in women). I just did a quick google on alcohol and blood pressure, which suggests that it interferes with the livers ability to deal with some enzymes that manage blood pressure. I’m sure there are a whole host of other reasons it causes this problem, as well as many ways of helping it. I guess kegels and jeqing would be good facilitators though.

Switch to gin. You can drink it all night and still get good wood.


Originally Posted by Hughjorgan9
Switch to gin. You can drink it all night and still get good wood.

I have always thought that the alcohol it self makes you impotent.
I my self suffer from this…

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Alcohol lowers your testosterone which is required for an erection. It increases the rate at which testosterone is convered to estrogen, hense the bitch tits on some guys who drink too much.

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Not to come off harsh, but what I hear from your statement is that alcohol gives you erection problems, yet you say there is no way you will not drink. It seems difficult to advise you on a solution when you have ruled out the most obvious and effective answer.

Originally Posted by jm

Not to come off harsh, but what I hear from your statement is that alcohol gives you erection problems, yet you say there is no way you will not drink. It seems difficult to advise you on a solution when you have ruled out the most obvious and effective answer.

Yep, stupid culture we live in isn’t it =) Looking at my question rationally it’s the same as saying “it hurts when i throw myself to the ground. how can i stop the pain?”.

But unfortunately the swedish way (that’s where i live) is getting drunk and hitting on a girl. The psychology behind this is quite sad, many people doing this are shy and are able to act out when drinking. After thinking this through i am going to prove myself not to be shy, not to fall for peer pressure, hold my Ginger Ale and maybe meet the one i’m looking for instead of other drunks. And just perhaps get it up next time =)

Always encouraging to get advice from this forum. Thanks!

I believe the real reason you cannot get an erection after you drink is because alcohol triggers the dilatation of all capilaries (small blood vesseles); thats the reason you blush when you drink or why your feet feel funny/soft; this also reduces the amount of work your heart performs (a reason why drunk old men on the streed dont have heart attacks) but increases the risk of hypothermia (if you’re out in the cold/snow).

So all that spread blood cant get where you want it too :)

(sorry if my english is incorect)


You just reminded me of an old trick I used to do. Find a club where all the guys are blind drunk and hitting on (annoying) the women. When you appear with nothing more than a fresh orange and steady gait, you’ll stand out head and shoulders above the rest.


It might be hard for a 23 year old guy to give up the booze completely ;) . I didn’t wanna do it when I was 23. But there’s always the possibillity of a non-alcoholic beer, if it’s just the taste you’re after. There are some pretty good ones out there, such as O’Doul’s, Haake-Beck or Clausthaler.

Besides that, everybody knows when consuming alcohol, the dick is difficult to get up.

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