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New to Alcohol, Erection Problems, Is That Normal?

New to Alcohol, Erection Problems, Is That Normal?

I have never really drank in my life and I am just starting to. Well I drank a bunch the other night and started hooking up with a girl and didn’t get hard to save my life. She wanted to bang I could tell but I couldn’t get my sh*t up. :(

The more you drink, the worse your performance. I don’t know how much a bunch is, but apparently it was a bit too much for you. If you are going to have sex, I would limit it to 2 or 3 drinks.

It is absolutely normal to have erection problems when you drink too much. Take it easy bro.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

Seems normal from what I have experienced.

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I feel the opposite, altough im still a vargin, i feel that alkohol is like an “afrodesiac” to me, (spelling?)
As like i know alot of women feel when they drink alkohol, they simply get horny :D

Am i just part women or what? ;)

*wii* 3rd post ;)

Wasn’t it Shakespeare who wrote that alcohol “creates the desire but takes away the performance”?

Originally Posted by rymdrattan
I feel the opposite, altough im still a vargin, i feel that alkohol is like an “afrodesiac” to me, (spelling?)
As like i know alot of women feel when they drink alkohol, they simply get horny :D

Depends on the amount of alcohol rymdrattan. A little to moderate, good. A lot, bad.

Ever heard of the expression, “Too drunk to fuck?” Alcohol has the effect of making you “think” you’re many things, like ten foot tall and bulletproof, as well as horny as a porn star. The next thing you know, you’re playing billiards with a rope.

In my many years of drinking socially and then some, the only alcohol that allows to perform if I indulge a tad more than I should, is gin.

You didn’t have to state you haven’t drank much. We can tell from your question. Your next post will be, “I woke up the morning after and felt like shit. Is this normal?”


Alcohol makes men less able and women more willing. How unfortunate :p Try Red Bull and Vodka

Nono, when i wrote before i dident mean more horny and not able, last time i got really really drunk i made out with a chick and got a boner instant… Although i dont drink beer, can that have something to do with it?

Am i just part women or what?

Hi rymdrattan - no you’re not part woman, it’s normal for a guy to feel horny when drunk. To the best of my knowledge it goes like this: When you drink alcohol your testosterone drops a bit. To counter this the body releases the luteinizing hormone (LH) which attempts to recover testosterone levels. It’s the LH that makes you feel horny. I read this off BodyBuilding.Com a while back. Not sure if it’s true and I don’t really need to find out since I don’t drink alcohol anyway. But if anyones interested I could try to find the article.


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I don’t know about drinking and sex, but I’ve never been too drunk to jack off.

It maybe takes a couple minutes to get a real hard on, but it comes up eventually,

then I make it pay for trying to hide from me :)

New to the forum and really like it. Thanks for all the great info guys and gals. Speaking of alcohol, although I don’t drink much, usually the morning after a night out when I don’t get hangover drunk, I notice I wake up with very strong wood and very horny. Any explanation for this? Any ideas on what type alcohol would least affect performance or is it just best to keep it under control if you’re gonna probably have sex? Thanks jon

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