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Energy drinks possibly good for PE?

Energy drinks possibly good for PE?

Well I drank an energy drink earlier today to help wake up, and I decided to read the ingredients out of pure boredom. To my surprise, I found two ingredients that may help with PE. First there was Creatine, which I heard was like a steroid, it somehow helped build muscle mass by either making more of the proteins that build muscle or repairing the tissue faster, I can’t remember. Maybe this can help with PE? Also, not exactly related to the expansion of the penis, it had L-Arginine, which as most of us know, is used to help increase semen volume. It had 10mg of this I believe. The drink was Sobe No Fear energy drink. Anyone else have any insight to this?

PS: Also please check my thread in the Pumper’s Forum, I have some questions and no one is helping me with them. Thanks!

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If the energy drink has a ton of caffeine it might have the opposite effect and give you temporary shrinky dink

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Caffeine does that? Shit, I have a cup of coffee every morning!

10mg of Arginine is basically none, you need 100x that to see a difference.

Creatine is not a steroid, I won’t bore you with the biochemistry but it basically increases the amount of water and nutrients stored in your muscles, I suspect it would have little effect on PE (although you would be able to kegel better).

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Also you shouldn’t take creatine with caffeine, it blocks absorbtion of the creatine.

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