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Effects from a 9-day break

Effects from a 9-day break

After PEing for about 7 months I decided to take an Easter break from PE. Both because I have hit a plateau recently and because it is much harder to PE when all the kids are home from school.

After this break I have seen NO change in my erect stats. Both BPEL and EG stayed the same. However, the flaccid hang really disappeared more or less at once. I now have the same turtle dick that I had when starting PE!
I hate it, and at the same time, I found another good motivator for continuing PEing forever. After all, I actually started PEing because I wanted to have a decent flaccid hang so that I can start participating in a lot of activities where one is supposed to take showers together with other guys (go to gym, go to swimming halls, take sauna with friends).

Anyone else here that seen the same discouraging effects of short breaks? Or that have the opposite experience?


I have just taken a 5 day break and actually gained some length.

I am extremely happy, as I have been a hard-gainer.

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the same results.

Perhaps when you resume pe you will get immediate

Gains. The one thing I’ve been doing a lot of is

Visualisation. I think it really helps. I imagine “it”

HUGE instead of just bigger. I figure why not go

For extra.

Good luck in your pe.


I also suffered from turtle dick and so put myself on turtle dick alert and correct status. So that whenever I can see it, I do something about it in order to train myself out of it. My turtle dick times were during and after a shower, after taking a dump, or anytime before my workout for the day. If I saw turtle, I stretched it out and fluffed it up and made it a point to never put the turtle away, always a snake. My turtle dick is pretty much a thing of the past, but I still practice turtle watch and correct whenever it is on the smaller side of hanging. You should always be on turtle alert and correct, even during breaks.

As far as the shower thing. I always have a nice flaccid hang in the shower now, and it is one of my best results from PE.

There is one other possibility to watch out for, and that is over training. If you over train and take a break, the tendancy is for your cock to go into retreat mode as it heals up.

I just took a week off due to a T/vein and now turtle dick here either. However, I have been visualizing and edging. Actually got some lenght gains. Even on my days off I still “wake my dick up”. This is a term I made up. I take a shower every morning. When I do, as I said before, even ony my days off, I do a few jelqs. Only maybe 20. I think this is good. It gets the blood flowing nicely for the day and wakes my cock up. GOODBYE to turtle dick. Hello to poisonous mushroom!

Try it sometime.


Oh, one more thing. Stop wearing underwear and see if there is a difference. My cock luvs that.


I experienced the exact same thing recently, I was unable to do PE for 5 days or thereabouts (I’m not actually sure how long it was) and I lost most of my flaccid gains (although not all of them.) I noticed it mainly because I find having turtle dick very uncomfortable compared to my nice new dangling dick!

I have more or less recovered them now I have resumed my routine and i never seemed to lose any erect length and I’m still gaining.

On the not wearing underwear front, I’ve stopped wearing boxer shorts when i sleep now and I get morning wood that lasts even longer in the morning. That can only be good…

Current stats: 7.0 BPEL x 4.32+/- EG ¦ Current target : 7.0 x 4.75 ¦ Goal: 8 BPEL x 5.5 + EG

Lubricate your mate every morning and you won’t get that “turtle” flaccid hang.

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.

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