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Dr. Dean Adell

Dr. Dean Adell

What a Prick! What a fucking idiot.

Mrs V was listening to his show the other day on the radio. The topic was men’s penis sizes. He stated there is no way, at all, to change a man’s size penis. No pills. NOTHING! Just live with the way you are, he stated. He says it absolutely does not matter to females.

Then he went on to give some stats of what race has the average bigger penis, and though I liked his conclusion on this, I doubt it. He stated that Italian men have the largest average size. HMMMM Being of Italiano decent, that made my chest stick out. My wife, of course agreed with him, being the good woman that she is! Heh Heh Heh

Anyway, I have heard this man throw the baby out with the bathwater before and this time no exception. I think he is off base more than on.

However, like stated here before on this forum. Let them all think PE does not work. That will give us all here on Thunders a good advantage and head start…………

Cheers to you all.

Do good things.


I think he practices PE and doesn’t want the word out. At least not until he’s average sized :p

Man! I wrote this big, long reply that got fairly scientific and then I accidentally closed the window and erased it! Damn. Anyway, it said something to the effect of: I used to listen to the Doc when I was state side. I liked a lot of what he said (that was about 10 years ago). But in reguards to his moronic statements about PE, you have to look at it from the angle that he is a Western Doctor and they are programed in school to not respond or respect anything that is not authentically and scientifically documented, tested, reviewed, and tested again with trials, sub-trials, double blinds and a stamp of aprovall by another brainwashed old fart with several PHD’s in front of his name. PE is still in the shadows and to the ignorant go the spoils and the small pricks!

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Dr Dean does discuss/support foreskin restoration, so he’s not entirely against non-scientifically proven things. Even if he is aware of PE working, it may be his judgement that guys will go out and injure themselves if he mentions it.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Look, he means well and if he saves millions of fools from throwing out their money on penis “pills” then he has done a service.

You have to leave it to fate at this point in time to direct the lucky few to good info like we have here.

In the meantime, I kinda’ like that it’s keeping the competion down! :)

Well put! :D :D

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another incompetant Dr.

First off, let me say that I have come to deal with doctors (MDs, Uros, Endos) on a very regular bais for a multitude of reason over the last couple years. What I have come to see is that many doctors are helplessly incompetant. I have always found it humourous that doctors complete three years of medical school, and are considered gods…paid six figures off the bat!

How on earth is it possible that the infinitely complex human body can be completely understood over the course of three years? To add to this problem, doctors often don’t see any need to keep their skills up to date. This is very apparent if you have ever had a problem with your thyroid/endocrine system where doctors consult “ranges” on your blood tests which were derived from over a half century prior. The fact of the matter is that people have begun to consult other resources than doctors, then flying in the face of the docs opinion, can often in-lie a solution. I have found that Doctors are much more content to: look at the numbers, look up protocol, and ignore the patient. Of course, the protocol will work in many people- however we are all different and will all react differently even with the same treatment. Even unfortunately for some the reaction can non-existant. When/If this does not work, a Drs first course of action is to claim the patient has a “psychological” reason for “X”.

I am not attacking all drs per se, there are many good doctors out there, however I find it frustrating that they seem to be able to give any conjecture they wish- and people just gobble it up. The bureacracy of the medical world more or less states, “…unless a medical study has been conducted, it cannot be true…”. IMO, The greatest form of ignorance is arrogance.

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Look at this way Dr Dean can’t advocate PE for the exact reason that he would be liable if anyone got hurt from his advise so he has to stay pretty generic and protect his back side.

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