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Do you tell your friends


Do you tell your friends

I was just wondering if anyone here has told any of their friends about PE and this site. I’m not talking about a girlfriend or wife. The only person that knows about mine is my girlfriend. I have several friends that I have often wondered if they knew about PE and I have mixed feelings about talking to someone that I’m not as close as a girlfriend/wife. I must say I wish someone had told me a long time ago because I think this stuff is great.

Any comments?

The last thing I want is other guys to know about PE. Let their dicks stay small while ours get bigger! If they’re really concerned about it, they’ll find this place just like we did.

Hey bro Im feelin you! I wish I had known about PE and the site years ago..

I’ve kept it on the DL (down low) and not told anyone. I just started a few weeks ago, but I think its a potential risk of alot of humiliation. I guess you really need to consider how well you trust the person your going to tell. You have to remember that for the more “well endowed” brothers out there, PE would seem silly and a great reason to gossip about someone. Thats just my useless opinion though. haha.. Good luck man, hope things work for ya..

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There is a thread, where this has been discussed
Would you tell your friend?

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll tell all the people that do have any ED related problem, and push my best friends to get to PE, for size matter, ASAP.

Sorry but I didn’t see the other thread. Seems that the other thread is looking more for advise and I was just curious as to what the consensus was to spreading the word about PE among friends. I myself don’t think I ever would.

No way…definitely on the DL with this one.

I would keep it under my hat. There aren’t more than a small handful of people that I trust enough to tell about PE anyway. I agree with fp2k69 about the potential for gossip and humiliation. That is one of the last things I need because my associates talk about each other and myself too much as it is.


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my best friend that I have known since we were in Kindergarten asked me about PE once as he was interested in starting some form. I told him about the site and we had one conversation about it since. I wouldn’t want to tell most people just because I don’t want too many people having “dirt” on me as I’ll be running for president in 2008!!!


Originally Posted by big_stiff48302
The last thing I want is other guys to know about PE. Let their dicks stay small while ours get bigger! If they’re really concerned about it, they’ll find this place just like we did.

I can agree with that Stiff.

We are lucky to be here, and to know about PE.

Later PE ingers.

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I don’t going around telling people about it, but if it came up in a conversation, and I felt that person truly was interested, I would tell them to check this place out.

Totally agree with you jGman.

I always wanted to tell someone about pe about my gains etc but there was never a right time. I was walking by with a friend and pe come out in the conversation and i told him about tp, if it wasnt because of that i d ve never told him.

I think if PE is made public you wouldnt get the same sensation of it as it does now and (dont tell you never thought about this) the average size of the penis could increased, so for people with very short penis it would be even more difficult to catch up :/

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Sure, I’ve spoken to two friends and introduced them to this site. It’s an awakening - once you see that something the ‘establishment’ says is impossible actually works, you begin to question all sorts of things.

Be of open minds, gentlemen!

You can't kill ideas with bullets!

Ive told two guys I work with about PE. One of the guys don’t believe me, the other one does. I forget exactly how it came up in the conversation, but I sure as hell didn’t just blurt out, “Hey, I do dick excercises!!”

I have told one friend when we were drunk, but he died last year in car accident. It wasn’t me!>:-)

I told one friend about this site.. And numerous others about PEing itself. O.o


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